Cabby Fought with Lady & Car Behind Just Watched with Popcorn


According to How I Met Your Mother, nothing good ever happens after 2 am and those, my friends, are wise words to live by.

In a surveillance footage uploaded by Stomp, a dramatic fight scene went down around 3 am at Pearl Bank Apartments on 7 December.

It is unclear what the cause of the fight was and how it escalated to such proportions.

So let’s focus on some key points of this video

Some slapping, some water action. And finally, our all-star car and its passengers at the back who literally sat back and enjoyed the show.

It’s hard to tell but the violence seemed to have first started around 0:11 when both the cabbie and the lady were still in the car.

After some tussling, the cabbie got out around 0:35 and that’s when things really picked up (also when the car behind first pulled up and commenced its do-nothing sequence).

The first visible move was made by the cabbie (although we can’t tell for sure if the lady slapped the driver before he smacked her).

But what follows might just be the climax of this entire incident:

There seemed to have been a water bottle on the ground and the driver did not hesitate to use it to his advantage and splashed some water on the lady.

He slapped her to the ground multiple times and splashed water at her face.

Then the taxi driver got back into the cab and drove off. The woman was left sitting helplessly on the ground.

Let’s not go into who hit who first and who was right.

Or whether it was right for the driver to retaliate or for the lady to slap the driver because details are unclear and facts are missing.

Let’s, instead, dive into that car behind for a short while

What are you doing? (Clearly nothing, but why??)


Fortunately, the cabbie drove off and nothing serious happened to neither of them.

But what if it did? How would the passengers in the car behind know when it might be too late to step in to help? Tsk

Having said our moral piece, we hope both of them are ok and that the car behind, if anything, at least got a good show out of it.

Here, you can watch the full video below yourself:

What would you have done if you were sitting in the car right behind the taxi? Come out and see what’s wrong or just stay inside?


It is even more disturbing when it violates the Bystander effect: people usually didn’t help when there are many people around as they’re either waiting for others to help or just blending in with the non-helpers subconsciously.

But when alone, it’s common sense to help.

The world is indeed not a bed of pearls.