Ex-Mediacorp Artiste Dislocated Her Shoulder While Taking Off Her Jacket & Had to Be Hospitalised

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When I first read this, I thought to myself, “Huh, liddat also can be injured ah?”

But then I remembered my own experience. Curb your disbelief because this is a true story: I once dislocated my knee while walking. Just… walking.

So to everyone who didn’t believe me back then and thought I was making it up, this incident should be enough proof that freak accidents can really happen just like that.

Ex-Mediacorp Artiste Dislocated Her Shoulder While Taking Off Her Jacket & Had to Be Hospitalised

The said artiste is 39-year-old Cai Peixuan, who had been previously signed to Mediacorp as an actress from 2007 to 2010.

In an Instagram post on 2 June, she shared about her freakish experience.


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A post shared by Wayne C.蔡佩璇 (@caipeixuan)

It had happened whilst she was choosing an outfit for a Zoom interview she had to attend in the afternoon. All of a sudden, as she had been taking off a jacket that she had put on, “[her] shoulder came off with the jacket too,” as explained in her Instagram caption.

Yikes, as a fellow victim of a freak accident, I can totally understand how shocked and scared she must have been.

Ms Cai went on to detail the whole terrifying experience.

​​​​​​​“I could only use my left hand, to grab on to my right, and five hours later, after waiting for an X-Ray, getting a painkiller injection, taking a COVID antigen test, and being transferred to various departments, I was finally able to enter the operating theatre, for the doctor to push my shoulder back into place,” she detailed.

She added that she could only remove the jacket that had started it all after taking painkillers. She also had to be warded for a night before being discharged on 3 June.

Frustration & Gratefulness

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Ms Cai has dislocated her shoulder.

She shared in the same post that she had previously dislocated her shoulder three years ago. And yeah, it is very understandable that she would feel frustrated after getting injured again at the exact same spot.

“What vexes me the most is that I’d been attending physio[therapy] training for the past few months, and I felt that my body was in a very good condition,” she wrote.

But she wasn’t without any support, thankfully.

Though she expressed her aggravation regarding the whole ordeal, her Instagram post ended on a more positive and grateful note. Ms Cai thanked her husband and Malaysian actress Aenie Wong for replacing her in the Zoom interview.


Of course, she also thanked her biggest supporter throughout the whole incident: her left hand. You know, for supporting her right arm by holding it in place while it was missing-in-action.

I guess we all need to be more careful when we take off our jackets now. Thankfully (or not), June’s weather may be too hot to even warrant one.

Featured Image: Instagram (caipeixuan)

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