Netizen Claims This Cai Png Cost $3 in a Hawker Centre


The economy is hitting us hard. We see the effects of this clearly; already people are getting laid off from their jobs in masses, prices are rising and people are becoming more frugal with their expenditures.

And spending $3 on a meal with an unsatisfactory quantity is ground-breakingly intolerable.

Portion is Not Worth it

It’s rare enough to find places that are selling food for less than $4, much less $3. And when you do purchase from it, make sure you are getting what $3 can afford you.

10 slices of potato, 5 cubes of meat, 12 slices of onion, 5 pieces of dried red chili, and 1 accidental spring onion are clearly not worth that amount.

Image: Joseph Ang / Facebook

In the Complaint Singapore Facebook post uploaded on Tuesday, the diner lamented that the hawker store at Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre served portions that were “just like scam and unethical.”

Most comments under the post shared largely the same sentiment: If you’re not happy, simply don’t patronize the store again. A few, however, questioned why he did not challenge the portions to the owner right then.

Image: Joseph Ang / Facebook

Despite the fact that the exact store was not specified in the post, some commenters were able to identify which store the OP was referring to. Those who recognized the store were in agreement with the the OP, that the store was not selling the price point’s worth.

Image: Joseph Ang / Facebook

The diner has since turned off further comments for the post.

Better Than $90 Vegetables

Well, either way, being charged $3 for this kind of “scam” is definitely a lot better than being charged over $90 for kai lan.

If you didn’t already know, just last week a diner at Crystal Jade in Vivocity was charged $91.20 for simply two plates of kai lan. Not lotus flowers, or some gold-coated specialty to make up for the price, but just simply kai lan.

Image: Google Maps + Lianhe Zaobao

Surprisingly, the charged price was not a typo mistake. The restaurant was charging him the price of the large portion ($45.60), instead of the small portion ($22.80) that he was expecting.

The mix-up in order was because the wait staff had assumed the order for kai lan was to be large, in accordance with a regular customer who was seated at the diner’s table that day.

So honestly, getting “scammed” $3 is no big deal.

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Featured Image: Google Maps / Facebook (Joseph Ang)