Taiwan Influencer Iris Hsieh Got Kicked Out From Louvre Museum for Her Outfit

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In Asia, we tend to have this idealization that the West is more autonomous and liberal, and evidence of these principles being upheld can be by observing their conception of personal expression through clothes, such as the no-bra trend or wearing clothes that emphasize more skin exposure.

Well, maybe that does not apply to one influencer in France.


Being Brazen in Public for Iris Hsieh


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About a week ago, the Louvre Museum in Paris reportedly requested Iris Hsieh, a Taiwanese influencer, to leave their premises after she went partially nude while posing in front of the well-known tourist attraction.

Instead of keeping the incident to herself, as per usual influencer fashion, she had to share it by posting it on Instagram.

In the video on the last slide, she shared that she had worn a black coat and gray pants to the location before removing the coat to expose her newly purchased lacy black bra and posing for pictures.

She only got away with snapping three shots before she was asked to leave by the French Police.

While the incident did draw sympathy from some of her supporters, others said she deserved it. The general backlash was about criticizing Hsieh for losing face and bringing shame, but some went a little further with their insults.

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One of the commenter wrote “Going abroad and losing face..wearing lingerie in front of historic buildings… you should go to the red light distinct ”

Image: @irisirisss5200/ Instagram

Others poke fun at the situation, saying “You didn’t say back to that cop ‘Don’t we girls have the freedom to dress how we want?”

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Not Her First Rodeo

A quick glance through her Instagram page will show you that what she did was entirely intentional and in fact, it’s exactly her brand.

Hsieh, who was formerly a nurse, is currently a Youtube Influencer and has amassed over 140,000 followers on Instagram where she primarily uploads images of her wearing revealing outfits that highlight her body features in suggestive settings.

She’s also part of the Seven Peach Youtube Channel, a team that creates and posts spicy video content.

Overall, this whole ordeal seems like a small hiccup in Hsieh’s eyes.

Just a few days later, she posted another Instagram picture with a friend on a balcony, while expressing in her caption how much she had enjoyed herself in Paris.

Either way, this situation is likely a win for Hsieh, because to as the old saying goes, bad publicity is still good publicity. And it does look like her Instagram followers have increased by a few hundred.

Just Like Ms Puiyi?

If her antics sound familiar, you’ve probably read about Ms Puiyi/

Malaysian model and influencer Ms Puiyi, also known as Siew Pui Yi, has been in similar controversies before.

In April, while in Vietnam, she had donned an ao dai, the traditional dress of the country but skipped out on the trousers.

Needless to say, Vietnamese netizens were upset and saw it as inappropriate and offensive to their culture.

Siew eventually took down the photos and released an official apology for her actions.

A month later, she posted a picture of herself at The British Museum in London. She had lifted up her top to reveal her bright-red-coloured bra for the photo.



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The caption for the post?

Beautiful sculptures.

And on 18 May, she posted a picture of herself wearing a see-through top in the National Gallery in London.

At first thought, nothing might seem strange as such tops are commonly seen. Furthermore, she was fully dressed and even donned a green and white varsity jacket.


However, Siew decided that beneath the see-through top, she would also forgo a bra—essentially baring her entire chest and nipples.

So yes, to us it’s shocking, but to others, it’s just another workday.

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