Calbee Teaches You How to Turn Your Empty Potato Chips Bag into a Pencil Case in 7 Easy Steps


Going stir crazy at home to the point where you binge eat tons of potato chips and have no clue what to do with the packaging? Has all rational thought flown out of the window to the point where you’ve become too creative?

Yeah, I guess Calbee’s team is experiencing that too. Because they’ve come up with a way to turn your potato chip bag into a pencil case for your little ones.


Calbee Teaches You How to Turn Your Empty Potato Chips Bag into a Pencil Case in 7 Easy Steps

In a Facebook post that has garnered 78 likes and over 80 shares, Calbee shares in seven (no-sew, no glue) steps on how you can upcycle their packaging.

Upcycling looks at various ways to reuse and often modify old materials and products into something useful. It is the antithesis to downcycling, which is the act of recycling old materials that often results in a lower quality product.

Both terms first appeared in a news article published in 1994 quoting Reiner Plitz, who claimed that “[w]hat we need is upcycling, where old products are given more value, not less.”

Well, whether a potato chip pencil case has more value is…debatable to say the least.


No Sew, No Glue, Make A Calbee Pencil Case

Yes, in seven easy steps, you’ll be able to own a Calbee pencil case, complete with its crinkly foil sounds and natural potato chip scent (and perhaps, savoury chip remnants). Rejoice potato chip lovers!

To begin your journey onto being a master Calbee craftsman, you will need to gather some duct tape, a pair of scissors, a stapler, a zipper and of course, an empty bag of chips.

Pretty sure you don’t need us to tell you this but please wash it, unless you want crumbs to snack on during lessons. Which is a terrible idea.

1. Cut away 1cm and 9cm respectively from the top and bottom of the bag.

2. Cut the sides as well so that you have two separate pieces—the front and back panels of the packaging—left when you’re done.

3. Take the back piece and cut that in half.

4. Now, take your duct tape and line the inner silver sides of all your potato chip bag parts.

5. Once you’re done lining all the inner surfaces, staple the zipper to the back panels which you’ve cut in half in step 2. Be sure to have the zipper facing the right way up—it should be aligned with the right side of the packaging and not the duct tape lined side.

6. Place the connected piece in step 5 on the front panel from step 1, right sides facing each other. Staple them together.

7. Simply flip the pencil case inside out and tada, you’ve got your very own Calbee pencil case!

Check out their full Facebook post with illustrated instructions here:

You know what? Fair enough, it’s pretty cute. One might even say, a-peeling (ha!).

Featured Image: Facebook (Calbee Moh Seng)


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