You Can Now Buy Milk Formula Under $35 From FairPrice So There’ll Be More Fat Babies Around

Last Updated on 2017-06-16 , 6:21 pm

If you’ve forgotten, the prices of milk powder is a hot topic nowadays in Singapore.

Because let’s face it, everyone wants to have a little monster to pamper, but bringing them up can be quite expensive.

Especially when it comes to formula milk.

When Einmilk announced they’ll be selling milk powder at $39 for a 800g tin of milk powder in Singapore on 31 May, they got a standing ovation from overworked parents in Singapore.

Everyone wanted to get started on making babies immediately. #JustKidding

But on a serious note, did you think it’ll get even lower? No?

Well, guess what? It just did. Here’s what you need to know.

NTUC FairPrice Announced They’ll Be Selling Milk Powder between $27 & $35 per 900g tin


In order to address the issue of rising formula milk in Singapore, NTUC FairPrice brought in a range of formula milk that was previously only sold in Australia.

Called Australia’s Own, they said in a media release that the brand will perfectly complement the other varieties of formula milk currently sold at their stores. 

It comes from the cows of Gippsland, Victoria, and it’s packed and processed by Freedom Foods in a fully HACCP certified facility. 

Perfect for people who thinks the grass is greener on the other side.

But that’s not all.

They’ve also increased their income ceiling for two voucher programmes to help lower-income families


Do you find it hard to make ends meet? Legitimately, of course. If you’re always eating at restaurants or spending on branded stuff, then we can’t help you. 

NTUC has revised upwards the income range for two of its vouchers programmes—The U Stretch and Back to School.

Both programmes which helped 50,000 people, is expecting to help 11,000 more people with the increase in income ceiling.

The U Stretch programme which gives discount vouchers on daily basic necessities.

The Back to School programme subsidises school expenses for children of low-income union members.

The income criteria for both programmes will be upped to $3,400 (previously S$3,000) in gross household income or $850 per capita (pax) for those with dependants saying in the same household.

For those without dependants, the income ceiling for the U Stretch programme has been increased to $1,500. 

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Registration for both programmes starts on June 15.

This article was first published on in collaboration with the Labour Movement of Singapore so you can make informed purchase decisions.