Please Make More Babies ‘Coz You Can Now Buy Milk Formula Below $40 in S’pore

It’s not easy to make a baby nowadays. 

No, not the process of making one, but bringing him up. And that’s because it’s expensive as hell.

Well, now you can rest easy liao. Or at least easier because you can now buy an 800g tin of milk powder for under $40. 

Einmilk, Milk Formula Powder Made in Singapore


Owned by AE Solutions and manufactured by SMC Nutrition, Einmilk is a locally made product that was launched yesterday (30 May 2017). 

It ranges from $19 to $22 for a 400g tin of milk powder and between $33 and $39 for an 800g tin. A far cry from the usual prices of milk powder found today.

The company said that its products fulfil the standards set by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). Oh, did I mention that it’s halal as well?

Available Both Online and Offline


At the present moment, Einmilk is selling their stage 2(6 months to 1-year-old), stage 3(1-year-old and onwards), and their lactose-free milk powder online at Shopify and Facebook.

They’re not allowed to sell their stage 1(0-6 months) online under the Sale of Infant Foods Ethics Committee Singapore’s code of ethics.


Their products can also be found at U Stars supermarkets, including the stage 1 milk formula. 

Their reason for choosing this supermarket is because most of their stores are in the heartland areas. 

They might put their products in more stores if there is a demand for it.

Leveraging on Singapore’s Brand

Their strategy is to leverage on the brand of Singapore. Namely, how the entire country takes our food seriously.

And you have to admit, it really makes sense. Given how strict Singapore is about food safety, wouldn’t it just make you more confident in the product?

There’s a Hokkien saying here: ai qi, ai pee, ai dua liap nee. (Want cheap, want good, want the best value)

FairPrice Looking Into Making House-Brand Milk Powder


Einmilk isn’t the only one taking the opportunity to enter the market.

FairPrice has also told the media that it is looking at ways to bring in cheaper milk powder. In fact, they are also considering developing their own house-brand of milk powders for Singaporeans.

If things continue, we might at least see one huge bulk of baby expenses going down. 

Time to make more babies liao!

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