You Can Now Book Tickets Online For A Train To JB Again. Here’s How.


Last Updated on 2020-02-21 , 9:13 am

Remember there used to be a time when we could all book our KTM train tickets to JB which saved us a lot of hassle? Back then, going to JB was such an easy and fuss-free experience. Even though the queues for the customs were long, we still managed to get in easily due to the flexibility of taking the train.

Well, that was until they removed the option to purchase train tickets online. Most of us had to resort to buying them on the spot/go all the way down to the checkpoint and purchase one day beforehand so that we are sure we would be able to get the tickets.

You Can Now Book Tickets Online For Train To JB Again

But gone are the days when you have to manually book the train tickets because the online service to book the train tickets to JB is now back!

And nope, this is not an advertorial or anything. We genuinely wanted to share this piece of good news with y’all because we, too, were very excited about this!

All you’ve to do is to click on the ‘Train Ticket’ option, select your departure and return date, and search for the trains that are available!

And yes, you can buy departure and return tickets for the same day as well! As for the price difference, the departure tickets are charged at SGD prices whereas the return tickets are charged in RM. What you see on the website is just a conversion of the SGD to RM prices – which makes it really affordable at only S$1.74!


Once you’ve booked the tickets and selected your various departure and return timings, you can now move on to the payment page! As shown, they accept payment in Paypal, VISA or Masters!

And then you’ll be good to go! Gone are the days when you’ve to wait in line for a couple of hours before you are able to pass through the customs.

You can thank us later!