There’s a Cinema in JB With Beds, Food & Charger for $50 a Pax

Last Updated on 2020-03-04 , 6:11 pm

For a long, long time, Cathay’s Platinum suites and Golden Village’s Gold Class theaters have provided the ultimate cinema experience, and for good reason: packed with lush recliner sofas, comfy cushions and food that wouldn’t seem out of place in an MBS restaurant, it’s an experience that’s well worth the near-exorbitant price you pay for a movie.



And yet, humanity can only transcend levels… not regress. Science. Technology. Games. Viruses. Everything has evolved. And it seems that the ultimate cinema experience, too…

Has been upped a notch.

And so, it’s with my deepest condolences that I usher Cathay and GV out of their throne, and introduce a new king to sit atop:

Aurum Theatre at JB’s Mid Valley Southkey Mall, with its luxurious reclining bed-esque seat, pillows, blankets, food, charging ports and disposable slippers.

Image: Tenor

There’s a Cinema in JB With Beds, Food & Charging Ports for $50 a Pax

According to 8 Days, an all-new luxury boutique theatre, Aurum Theatre, opened its doors to the public just three months ago, alongside its bevy of super-luxe seats, blankets, charging ports and actual lamps.

Image: Aurum Theatre

The luxurious movie theatre (that’s located at JB’s sprawling 2.5mil sq ft Mid Valley Southkey Mall) comprises three halls known as Getha Lux Suites, each with a capacity of 20 to 34 pax. Each ticket costs RM150 (S$50), slightly higher than the $42 that Golden Village charges for a Gold Class ticket here in Singapore.

In comparison, a normal movie ticket at Golden Screen Cinema (Aurum Theatre’s parent company) costs around RM23 (S$7.65), with prices varying slightly for beanbag seats.

A S$50 Movie Experience

Aurum Theatre might have super-luxe seats, blankets, charging ports and actual lamps, but it’s not just an over-charged constitution of those aspects. 

Image: Aurum Theatre

For starters, each Aurum Pass will entitle you to food and drinks from the theatre’s full-service restaurant, Jin Gastrobar. Pick from one of three snack platters, a la carte dishes or cocktails from the bar; opt whether to enjoy your food and drinks at one of the lounges pre-movie…

Image: Aurum Theatre

Or have it delivered to your seat, where you can savour every bite in between cinematic takes.

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High-SES Movie Seats

An avid appreciator of comfort who’s addicted to self-love? Well, these swashbuckling seats have everything you need. Equipped with a luxurious reclining seat that could be tweaked to resemble a personal-sized bed, the seat also comes with plush nano-silver antibacterial covers, pillows and a cosy fleece blanket for you to nestle under.

Image: Aurum Theatre

And if you’re feeling peckish during the movie, order food with your magical finger. Like literally. Touch the service call button at your seat and food’ll arrive pronto, so you don’t have to miss any part of that breathtaking John Wick movie you’re catching.

Image: Aurum Theatre

Bladder wise, however, I’m afraid you’ll still have to pay a trip to the bathroom.

Ticket-holders will also be entitled to their own personal side table, complete with wireless and USB charging ports, a lamp, and disposable slippers.

Image: Aurum Theatre

Talk about comfort; this is literal hotel-tier comfort at its finest, people.

Valentine’s Day Promo

It’s 3rd February, and you know what that means;

Just 11 more days to V-Day, folks.

As such, you’ll surely be combing the place for some discernible Valentine’s Day plan that doesn’t have a stereotypical candlelight in between, and what better way to consolidate that budding romance between the both of you than Aurum Theatre’s Valentine’s Day experience?

Simply purchase a pair of Aurum passes from 13 – 16 Feb and you’ll enjoy the following perks:

  • A wholesome dinner at Jin Gastrobar
  • Add-ons including gourmet popcorn, chocolate lava cake with ice-cream and strawberries
  • Opt from two glasses of house wine or a V-day mocktail

Interested parties can purchase the promotional passes from 4 – 16 Feb.


Now I bet you’re wondering;

“Go all the way to JB when I can just shell out $42 for a Gold Class experience here?” you voice aloud. “Why in the world would I do that?”

Well, it’s entirely up to you. For those vacationing over in JB right now (or in the near future), Aurum Theatre’s definitely worth checking out. And to all the fervent movie-goers out there who’ll shell out anything for a pleasant viewing of Avatar 2

I think we’ve just disclosed a very suitable candidate for your taste.

As such, please note down the following details if you’re interested.


Aurum Theatre

The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, Jalan Bakar Batu, Southkey, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor. 

Opening Hours:

Open daily from 10.00am to 10.00pm

You can also purchase tickets online via or via the GSC mobile app, and look up more info at

Image: Aurum Theatre