You Can Now Order Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak Even if You Live in Changi

It’s a hard life when you live at the far ends of Singapore, especially the east or west. When there’s good food, you find yourself drooling at mere pictures of delicacies. 

This time, you’ll be having the last laugh when you can have the most spectacular Nasi Lemak in Singapore delivered right to your doorstep.

Tucked in homely Boon Lay Place Food Village, Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak boasts a variety of a la carte sides with their fragrant coconut rice. This stall has got the power alright, for their food is tasty and stall keepers are extremely generous with their servings.

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Those living in the area have likely noticed the long queues leading to the stall, even though those serving the food work as fast as possible.

When that happens, delivery is the next best option for getting a taste of the popular dish. Even though there are stalls at Novena Square 2 and Causeway Point, people staying in places like Changi, the opposite end of Singapore, may have trouble reaching stalls to purchase.

The Nasi Lemak stall is well-known for their fragrant coconut rice and to-die-for crispy chicken wings that are finger-lickin’ good. Most people will just opt for the usual Nasi Lemak toppings like egg, chicken wings and begedil (fried potato patties) but I mean, if you are looking at something more substantial, you can always opt for the other wholesome ingredients! 

Island-wide delivery is now available from 6pm to 2am daily, with no minimum order, from the Boon Lay stall. A $5 surcharge is required for delivery within Jurong, and $10 for delivery for outside of the Jurong area.

That being said, buying larger portions or buying for more people might make the delivery more worthwhile. Even then, the godly taste of their delicious Nasi Lemak is sure to make up for the hole in your wallet.

Reviews about this dish could go on and on but most come to the same conclusion: die die must try.

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