There’s a Nasi Lemak Ice Cream in M’sia. I Can’t Even.


You’re wondering what to have for lunch, and end up settling on Nasi Lemak because they’ve always got that fragrant coconut milk rice and a nice selection of food sides. 

But you recall how you always end up too full to eat anything else after that (they’re just that good), yet you feel like having dessert after lunch.

Nasi Lemak Ice-Cream

Cue Nasi Lemak Ice Cream. If you find that it sounds weird, don’t back away just yet; this creative new dish might be your new favourite if you give it a try.


This quirky ice-cream can be found in Diem Cafe in Alor Setar, Kedah. Her brand, Skream Softserve, describes the product as nasi lemak ice-cream “peanuts, anchovies, ‘sambal’, quail eggs and cucumber sprinkled over”. Nope, there’s no rice in there, but lemongrass and coconut milk are used to retain the dish’s trademark flavour.

Even if the name sounds odd, it is still relatively healthy, going without preservatives and chemicals, with the toppings kept fresh.

Who knows how the soft, fluffy ice cream might taste in contrast to the crunchier toppings like the anchovies?

For RM10 ($3.20) per cup, 30 customers visited to find out on the desert’s debut day, while 144 flocked on the second day.


 Love it? Hate it? Just give it a shot before shooting it down, for this innovative desert might be the very thing your taste buds desire!

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