You Can Now Play MapleStory on Your Phone. Here’s What You Should Know


For me, Maplestory was more than a game.

It was my childhood.

But do not be mistaken; I did not spend my entire childhood playing itRather, I spent the entirety of it listening to my friends talk about it.

“Hey, did you see that latest job?”

“Yeah, I did! It’s totally wicked!”

And then there was me, who didn’t really give a rat’s fart about it. But guess what? Wherever I go, however much time passes, I would always hear about it.

When I entered the workforce, I had pretty much resigned myself to my fate. And true to my expectations, my boss came sprinting to me this morning with a paper in hand.

“Is that… toilet paper?” I crinkled my nose.

“Dat’s right. Saw it in the toilet and just had to write it down, yo”, he said. “Anyway, Strawberry! Write this ASAP.”

I took a look. “You Can Now Play MapleStory on Your Phone. Here’s What You Should Know,” it read on the paper. Curiously, the fonts were a distinct, liquid brown, but I didn’t ask about it.

I looked at it for another second, before sighing.

Right, there we go again.

You Can Now Play MapleStory on Your Phone. Here’s What You Should Know

Guess what? Maplestory’s now available on the mobile platform!

And no, I’m not talking about the AsiaSoft version, which was taken down some time back.

Rather, I’m talking about one by the original maker itselfNexon.

Titled MapleStory M, the game’s currently in the Beta phase and as much as I hate to admit it…


It looks cool.

Image: Google Play Store

Just check these trailer pics out!

Image: Maplestory M on Google Play
Image: Maplestory M on Google Play
Image: Maplestory M on Google Play
Image: Maplestory M on Google Play

Can you hear that? That’s the trumpet of nostalgia having a fling with the recorder of excitement.




What does the game offer?

So far, there are a myriad of features that make even it’s beta phase exciting to dabble with!

For one, there will five unique and original Maplestory Explorers!

Image: Maplestory M on Google Play

Tentatively including the likes of Dark Knight, Bowmaster, Nightlord, Bishop and Corsair, your Maple adventure is all set to be an inventive one!

For two, party play is available in the game, and they have an all-new forge system! It’s time to explore various customization options you never even encountered before!

Image: Maplestory M on Google Play

For three, there are mobile-exclusive features like the ‘Daily Dungeon‘, where you can find ‘Jewels‘ to power up your characters!

You will also have your own private ‘Mini Dungeon‘, where you can grind and hunt without fear of potent KSers and looters!


There will be an arena-based challenge too, called the Mu Lung Dojo, where you’re expected to defeat monsters on each floor to advance and ultimately face the martial arts master ‘Mu Gong’. ‘Nett’s Pyramid’, on the other hand, is an arena where you fend off mummies and monsters alike to reveal mysterious treasures.

And of course, no Maple game’s complete without its iconic boss character! Join a raid party with up to 10 players in ‘Expedition‘ mode, and battle against Zakum for exclusive rewards!

Image: Maplestory M on Google Play

Beta phase

Incidentally, the beta phase will extend from 01/22/18 18:00 – 01/30/18 00:00 PST.

Should you choose to play the game in its beta phase, take note that all data will be wiped after the beta for balancing and improvements. So best not to invest too much effort in it yet, la hor.

You can try the game out now at this link!


So what are you waiting for?

Try the game that was (and is) such a global phenomenon out, right in the comfort of your own phone! And with over 10,000 installs already, you need not fear the lack of party members against the almighty Zakum!

So get going already! As the ancient ones used to preach…

Happy mapling!

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Featured image: Maplestory M via Google Play