Can You Have Best Friends Of The Opposite Sex While You’re In A Relationship?


The real question is, can friends of the opposite gender stay friends?

It’s a debate that has been around for decades. You would know the answer if you’ve watched the all-time classic, When Harry Met Sally.

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How I Met Your Mother makes a brilliant example! Which I will not dive into so as to spare my soul from eternal damnation for unnecessarily dishing out unwanted spoilers.

The last episode of season 8 you’re welcome.

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Of course, today’s topic calls for level-up.

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Can you stay best friends with your homie who is of another gender while managing a committed relationship?

The answer is not simple and I am only the most under-qualified person in this room! Surprise!

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It’s No Biggie Really

If you happen to have unfortunately stumbled upon this piece of turd in the hopes of finding a miraculous fix to your dilemma… Let me tell you something.

If the friendship’s history is bound by the fences and marked by a sign that reads ‘Strictly Platonic’ in bolded red letters, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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That’s a pretty important thing to tick off the list of why you should keep your homies around.

A wholesome history makes for great company! I’m trademarking this.


Assurance is Key

It’s not as easy as telling your partner, “We’re just friends!”

I completely understand. Hats off to you for attempting to dig out a compromise for the two parties! You are one hell of a sensible person!

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Boys and girls, assurance is key and honesty is the best policy.

This article from Bustle did advice new couples to start things off on the right foot. Dish out your deal breakers and get real! Tell him or her on the first date!

I had a friend whose girlfriend forced him into throwing away a Gundam model that I had given him for Christmas.

Avoid the situation above at all costs. Losing a solid friend is not worth the trouble of a 3-month psycho girlfriend stunt.

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Integrate your partner into your circle of OG homies and make a band or something. Allow them to get to know your circle. Be one with the circle, folks.

Only then will they understand why they can’t stand between you and your homies’ years worth of solid brotherhood.

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The Answer To The Question

Pop culture tells us that boys and girls can’t be friends without eventually falling in love and running hand-in-hand towards the burning sun.

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But then again, if you aren’t doing anything wrong or emotionally damaging and possibly scarring your partner, you’re all good.


You’re doing great, sweetie!

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To answer your burning question, yes. It’s okay to have best friends and stay solid with your OG home boys and girls.

I told you I was the most under-qualified person in this room. My points are pretty valid though.

Wisdom through experience. You only get that as you age… Accumulated aunt agony knowledge.

The best of luck to you, folks. Drop that magic 8 ball and talk to him or her… Or dump them if they’re toxic.

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