Cashless GST Payment To Be Made Via SingPost Before Delivery Of Overseas Purchases Above $400 from 1 Nov 2021

We’re all aware of the dangers of online shopping, especially when the dates coincide with the month and sale days begin.

And all the self-control goes out the window.

You thought you just added five cheap things to your cart while scrolling in a frenzy to grab all the good deals but only discover you have over 10 items when you check out.

If you’re one of those who enjoy buying items from overseas in bulk or importing rare items, here’s SingPost’s new procedures that you should know about.

New GST Payment Procedures For Overseas Packages

Maybe you haven’t ever bought this much before, but when one has incoming packages from overseas that have a monetary value above the limit of $400, they are required to pay GST for it.

That’s in addition to dutiable and controlled products like liquor and tobacco.

Currently, recipients of these packages will need to pay this GST fee in cash when SingPost delivers it to them.

The Singapore Customs have since announced via their Facebook page that there will be a new procedure regarding the payment of GST for such packages valued above $400.

Starting from 1 November, recipients will have to pay for their GST charges before the package is delivered – via the SingPost mobile app, SAM kiosks, or at any post office outlets.

Only after you’ve made payment will the package be delivered, so you can’t run from paying the fee if you want your items with you.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Here’s what you’ll need to know if you’re purchasing items that are eligible for GST.

When you’re ordering your package, you should arrange with the overseas seller to ensure they attach an invoice, confirmation slip, or Postal Convention Note stating the value of goods. This is to ensure SingPost can assess the amount of GST you have to pay.

And no, you’re also not allowed to split packages delivered to you on the same flight into separate ones to try and avoid paying for tax.

Next, after SingPost computes the GST charges payable, they will notify you through either the SingPost app, email or SMS.

One is given 14 days from the notification to make payment via the modes stated above.

After payment, it will take about 2 or 3 days for the package to be delivered to you.

However, if you fail to make payment, the package will be sent back to the overseas seller.

Certain products that are dutiable will also be subject to duty fees, and controlled products will require you to submit permits to Singapore Customs.

You can find out more about the new procedures here.

Not To Be Confused With GST Amendment Announced In Budget 2021

Many of us online shopping enthusiasts were dumbfounded when the government first announced during the Budget 2021 speech of a GST charge on overseas packages below $400.

As of now, overseas packages that have a valuation of below $400 aren’t subjected to GST.

However, from 1 Jan 2023, GST charges will be applicable for such packages – that includes the useless gadgets you purchase from online sites, even if they’re only $5.

Maybe this will finally teach us more self-control.

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