Woman Allegedly Abandons Cat By ‘Parking’ the Cat Pram With Other Cars in West Coast

We’ve seen cats being abandoned at void decks, but have we ever seen cats being abandoned in a car park?

This poor feline was “parked” with other cars in a pram, meowing pitifully at rescuers.

Woman Abandons Cat in Pram Near Parked Car

On 16 June, a Facebook user shared a post on the Lost and Found Pets in Singapore page about this cat.

In her post, the user claimed that a woman had pushed a blue pram next to her parked car, and abandoned it there. According to dashcam footage, the lady parked the pram and walked off.

The user then decided to inspect the pram, and ended up finding a tabby cat sitting in it. In the video uploaded, the cat can be heard meowing pitifully and looking at the rescuer through the mesh netting.

The user explained that she already has a dog at home, and couldn’t take the cat home. She ended up leaving the cat in the care of one of her relatives.

Abandoned or Forgotten?

Some commenters said that the owner might have forgotten that she left her cat in the parking lot, and advised the user to contact the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to see if this is a missing cat.

Image: Facebook

The user, after listening to the advice of netizens, reported the case to SPCA and the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS). They also said that they’ll look out for notices of missing cats in the neighbourhood.

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In the meantime, her relative has “fallen in love” with the tabby cat and will be adopting it if the owner doesn’t step up to reclaim the cat. The user also updated that this cat may have once been a community cat since its ear is clipped.

For now, the cat is well-fed and very comfortable with humans, so it seems like it’ll get a happy ending no matter what.

You can read the full post here.

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Featured Image: Facebook