Cat Stranded On Top of a 3m-High Fence in Bukit Batok Rescued by SPCA

Legend says that curiosity kills the cat.

And it seems that for the following critter, the legend nearly held true.

Cat Stranded On Top of a 3m-High Fence in Bukit Batok Rescued by SPCA

So lest you’re unaware, cat claws are absolutely phenomenal in the sense that it’s easy for them to propel themselves up.

But to get down? That’s a whole different ball game.

And so, it’s not entirely uncommon to know that a kitty has found itself stranded atop, which in this case was a 3m-high fence at Bukit Batok.

And if it didn’t get help soon? It could face some serious troubles.

Cats, after all, don’t really have nine lives.

Luckily, however, the good ol’ folks at SPCA Singapore were on the ball as usual, and they swiftly deployed their Animal Rescue Officers after receiving a call.

And with the help of a tool, the cat was quickly secured and extracted to safety. All in the matter of minutes.

After verifying the cat’s status, and making sure that it was unscathed, they let it return to its community.

One can’t help but hope that the critter will learn from this endeavour though.

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Why Can’t A Cat Get Down?

It’s said that cats struggle to coordinate their feet when descending, which could be the reason why they prefer to leap from high places than climb down.

Some spots are, however, too high for them to jump down safely. Hence, they end up being stuck.

Thankfully, it seems that cats are capable of surviving over a week on high places, and can withstand falls of over a hundred feet unscathed. But even so, they should still be rescued as soon as possible, as panicked cats could continue to go even higher, leading to eventual starvation or dehydration.

If you ever happen to witness such a scene, you can reach out to SPCA Singapore at 6287 5355 or visit their website here.

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