Cat Showed Its Tail Repeatedly During UK’s Virtual Parliamentary Meeting; MP Then Shared Image of Cat

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Most of us probably wouldn’t watch parliamentary meetings because they’re boring. If we really wanted to keep up-to-date with what’s going on, we would probably just read news updates.

However, as proven in this year’s General Election, sometimes, funny occurrences do happen every once in a while on live television.

DPM Heng is a good example when he talked about his East Coast Plan during a speech, and he fumbled with it so much that his East Coast Plan eventually became a sticker.

Image: Reddit (u/melonmilkfordays)

It seems that we are not the only ones to have seen a funny occurrence happen during what’s supposed to be a serious occasion.

Cat Showed Its Tail Repeatedly During UK’s Virtual Parliamentary Meeting

Image: YouTube (Global News)

In the latest UK virtual parliamentary meeting, John Nicolson, a member of parliament for Ochil & South Perthshire, was discussing the pros of adding subtitles to children’s television, when all of a sudden, a fluffy orange tail appeared.

Image: YouTube (Global News)

It turns out that the tail belonged to his ginger cat, Rojo, which decided that that was the prime time for it to walk nonchalantly in front of the camera.

Mr Nicolson immediately told the other members of the meeting, “I apologise for my cat’s tail”, and went on to tell Rojo to put its tail down.

He tried to ignore the fact that that had just happened but the other members were already laughing because of the surprise appearance of Rojo.

Image: YouTube (Global News)

As the screen transits to the webcams of other members, they’re all looking ahead with smiles on their faces and trying to stifle their laughter.

Image: YouTube (Global News)

Rojo’s Face Is Revealed

Ever since the incident occurred, the clip went viral and soon, all people could talk about was Mr Nicolson’s ginger cat, Rojo.

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And as a means to thank all of his cat’s fans, he has finally decided to share what Rojo looks like.

Image: Twitter (@MrJohnNicolson)

He uploaded Rojo’s photo on Twitter with the caption, “For all Rojo’s new fans (thousands across the world it seems) – you’ve seen the tail. Here’s the face.”

More Photos Of Rojo

In case you haven’t had enough of Rojo, here are some other photos that were uploaded by Mr Nicolson.

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Image: Twitter (@MrJohnNicolson)

Image: Twitter (@MrJohnNicolson)


Image: Twitter (@MrJohnNicolson)

It seems that Rojo also has a sister called Grace.

Image: Twitter (@MrJohnNicolson)

I guess it seems that no matter who you are, your furry friends will always find ways to give you love and make sure you give them attention too.

You can watch the full video here:


As this incident has shown, cats are the ones who really rule the world.

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