Someone Turned ‘East Coast Plan’ Speech into a Sticker & Raised $1,000 for Charity With Its Proceeds

Did you watch the East Coast GRC campaigning speech for this year’s General Election?

If you did, you probably would have remembered seeing a certain someone talk about the very-elaborate East Coast Plan.

Yes, I’m talking about our Deputy Prime Minister, Heng Swee Keat.

It was probably one of the funniest TV occurrences during this General Election, and many people could not stop sharing the small snippet of DPM Heng talking about his East Coast Plan.

Despite his fumble, I’m sure he would be proud instead of ashamed to know that a sticker that was made in his honour has become so popular that the creators managed to donate $1,000 to charity.

Creativity of Redditors

It all began with a Redditor called u/melonmilkfordays who decided to create this cue card design as a joke to mimic the one that DPM Heng used in his speech. It was then uploaded onto Reddit in the Singapore subreddit.

Image: Reddit (u/melonmilkfordays)

Another Redditor with the name u/ayam chanced upon this goodness and decided to turn the design into an actual vinyl sticker for fun with the permission of the original creator.

The Redditor then gave some away to other Redditors on the subreddit.

Image: Reddit (u/ayam)

With so many people being intrigued by the sticker and expressing interest that they wanted to get one themselves, the Redditor decided to sell them online at $2 each and donate all proceeds to Krsna’s Free Meals, a soup kitchen in Little India that mainly caters to foreign workers.

u/ayam also explained why the soup kitchen was chosen to be donated to on the website the stickers were sold on, stating, “The original creator of this artwork u/melonmilkfordays volunteers at Krsna’s Free Meals, they are a lovely small kitchen run by volunteers, and many of the patrons of the kitchen just so happen to be migrant workers in the area.”

“We’re all aware how the dormitory situation played out in the recent months and I hope that this is one small thing we can do to help them as well as anyone who’s in real need of an honest good meal,” the Redditor continued.

In the latest post by u/melonmilkfordays, it is reported that both Redditors have managed to raise $1,000 to donate.

The post said, “What started out as a joke in the comments of getting stickers printed to raising $1,000 to donate, u/ayam and I are very grateful for the wholesomeness given by the subreddit.”

Image: Reddit (u/melonmilkfordays)

If you would still like to get a sticker for yourself, you can do so here. Do note that they will only be available until 18 July so hurry.

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It’s amazing how a blunder on TV ended up becoming a $1,000 donation to charity.

Maybe this was DPM Heng’s East Coast Plan all along?

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