Cave in M’sia Has Millions of Cockroaches Living in It & is Therefore a Tourist Attraction

If you’re afraid of cockroaches, be warned.

This article is going to have pictures of these nasty critters.

The amount of which is enough to jumpstart your hyperventilation and make you cry as though you’ve just watched More Than Blues.

This is Sabah

Image: Google Maps

It’s a Malaysia state on the northern tip of Borneo Island, known for its mountainous terrain and amazing ecosystems.

It contains the three highest mountains in Malaysia, including Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia.

Image: Dolly MJ /

And when you have mountain ranges, you’d have caves too.

Cave in Sabah Hides Horrifying Secret

One of which is Gua Gomantong, the largest cave in Sabah.


Besides being the largest cave in Sabah, this cave is known for one other thing.

For having the largest cockroach population across the entire world.


According to an online report, the Gomantong cave has millions of cockroaches calling it home.

Step into the dark cave and you’d hear them skittering across the floor, on the walls, and crawling above you on the ceiling.

And everywhere else you can possibly imagine.


It’s A Legit Tourist Attraction

By the way, you’re probably thinking, who’s going to visit this cave?

I mean, our resident manly man, BuffLord95, shivered when we asked him to go.

But it’s a tourist attraction that nature lovers loved to visit. Just look at this TripAdvisor review on the cave:


I’ll be honest, the only thing I could get out of the entire review was that they wore thongs. Yup, not covered shoes…but thongs. 

The cave was described by the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) to be the best managed edible bird’s nest cave in the entire world.

The ecosystem is described to be rich and fascinating, and you’ll see plenty of wildlife, flora and fauna while you’re there.

And to top off the stereotypical cave image they have going on, there’s plenty of bats nesting, flying in and out of the cave entrance as well.


But on the Flip Side

They’ve said that the best way to counter your phobia is to face it head-on.

So if you’re ever sick and tired of being afraid of cockroaches in your own home, you might just want to visit this place.

After all, with millions of cockroaches skittering all around you, you’ll either stop being afraid of these nasty creatures or simply have a meltdown.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

And it’s not we anyhowly say one hor. Studies say one.

Tag a friend you’ll want to bring with you to this cave!


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