Some Netizens Are Complaining That ‘Exiting’ of CB to Phase One is Basically an Extension

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At last, we are in the final two weeks of the circuit breaker.

Image: Giphy

What do you miss the most about normal life? Going out to eat with friends? Watching movies? Nah, I know what you miss the most – drinking bubble tea.

You probably already have a list of things you want to do once 2 June hits.

However, I’m afraid things aren’t so straightforward. The circuit breaker is ending on 2 June alright, but regulations will be eased up very gradually.

If you need a simple article to catch up on everything about the end of the circuit breaker, here is a very useful read.

Phase 1

But here, I can help summarise the most important question – what is Phase 1? After all, that’s the one that arrives first on 2 June.

So, what’s different? Well, not much, unfortunately.

Image: MOH

Known as “Safe Re-opening”, Phase 1 will gradually allow certain workplaces to reopen.

Graduating cohorts will be allowed to return to school, while the remaining students have to alternate between Home-Based Learning and school. Lastly, households can now open up to visitors from the same family (children and/or grandchildren).

So basically, for the average person, it’s still Circuit Breaker but you now visit your ahgong and ahma.

You: “Well, can I at least go buy bubble tea?”


Image: Imgflip

Enjoy my self-made meme.


Well, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Netizens Unhappy About “Phase 1”

Some netizens have caught on and are very displeased.

Image: Facebook

It’s the long-awaited end of the circuit breaker and yet… we are not allowed to eat and drink at coffee shops and hawker centres.

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Many angry comments poured in on the Facebook pages such as Channels News Asia, The Straits Times, Baddy Feed and more.

They want their right to shop at stores like Venus and Value Dollar!


Image: Facebook

Some of the more valid and pressing concerns include stress from “toxic” family environments and being separated from their spouses.

Image: Facebook

Whereas some others provide some feedback on their decisions and method of announcing the supposed end of the circuit breaker, which they think may affect people’s state of minds and cause them to lax up too much.

Image: Facebook


Of course, not all comments are negative. Some Netizens have demonstrated their understanding of the government’s efforts and decisions and have expressed their gratitude.

Well, I do understand some of where the angry Netizens are coming from. It can be tough expecting to be able to resume normal lives on 2 June and then finding out nothing much will change from the usual circuit breaker life.

However, we must also understand that the government’s decisions are prioritised on preventing new surges in cases – or the past two months of circuit breaker would be for nothing.

So, what about Phase 2?

Image: Imgur

Well, Phase 2 is where we can expect to go back to most of our normal lives.


Image MOH

Known as “Safe Transition”, we will be allowed to return to dining in at restaurants, working out at gyms, shopping at retail outlets, and more.

And that’s what we will be looking forward to.

But meanwhile, let’s all continue to keep to government regulations so that we do not waste all our efforts so far.

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