ComfortDelGro Reviewing Its App Logo After People Associate with Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

More often than not, we can’t help but make associations because things look similar.

Or that some symbols are bent out of shape or meaning because it was previously used by a nefarious regime and/or figure to represent themselves.

The Swastika would be the best example: when it faces the right, it symbolises surya (sun), propensity and good luck in Hinduism. In other Indo-European religions, it can be a sign for lightning bolts, to represent a thunder god and/or the kings of gods.

When it faces the left, it represents the auspicious footprints of the Buddha in Buddhist symbolism.

But then the Nazi regime had to roll over all the nice spiritual meanings with its fascist values and the horrific mass persecution of the Jewish population.

Now, most of us avoid the symbol like it’s a plague.

Once in a while though, people do make mistakes, like a German amusement park accidentally creating an eagle-headed carousel ride in the shape of a Swastika…

Image: (euronews)

Seriously, who approved of this?

ComfortDelGro’s Z Logo for Its CDG Zig Application

Earlier this month, ComfortDelGro released its new mobility and lifestyle application called CDG Zig.

The application was made after a merger with the taxi booking Zig app, hence it adopted a stylised “Z” as its logo, as a nod to the old Zig branding.

Image: Google Playstore

Unfortunately, their decision making couldn’t have been made at a worse time as the Russians have started to use the letter “Z” as a symbol of its invasion in Ukraine.

You see, the Russians have started marking their tanks with the “Z” letter as an abbreviation of the phrase “for victory”. In full Russian, the phrase is “за победу”, and its romanised version is “za pobedu”.

By having the symbol, it’s an easier and practical method for Russian soldiers to identify allied vehicles.

Image: Reuters

In hindsight? It’s not surprising that people started questioning if it was a good idea to have their logo so closely related to the humanitarian crisis happening in Ukraine.

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A Message from ComfortDelGro

ComfortDelGro has acknowledged that the app’s logo is inappropriate, especially considering how its being used by the Russian forces.

In a statement, ComfortDelGro said: “We would like to categorically state that we are not in favour of the use of force and acts of aggression against another sovereign state.”

It adds that the letter “Z” hadn’t been used as a war propaganda before and highlights the fact that the creation of Zig predates the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, ComfortDelGro concedes that the timing of the app relaunch might have come across as insensitive as the war continues to rage on.

The last time anyone was lambasted for using the “Z” symbol so blatantly was one Russian gymnast Invan Kuliak, who wore a Superman-wannabe shirt with a letter “Z” in the middle of his chest during the medal presentation ceremony next to a Ukrainian athlete.

Not their finest moment, one must say.

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Featured Images: ComfortDelGro & Twitter (@kamilkazani)