Challenger S’pore Offers 100% Refund if Purchased Huawei Phone Cannot Use Google Apps

If you’re a handsome or pretty fellow who comes to our app daily, you’d know that over in the Philippines, Huawei is offering 100% refund if their Huawei phones no longer support Google or Facebook apps.

That’s a very bold arrangement, given that there doesn’t seem to be any compromise on this ban, and that Huawei’s already activating their own backup plan to launch their own OS and app store.

But that’s in the Philippines and that doesn’t concern us.

Now, this offer is in Singapore too, though it’s by Challenger instead of Huawei.

But something seems to be amiss.

Challenger Singapore, The Mini Sim Lim Square in Malls

Nowadays, when you need to get a, say, HDMI cable, you’ll only think of two places: Challenger or online stores.

The homegrown consumer electronics chain is so popular that it has one million members under its belt: a pretty impressive number considering that Singapore’s population is at 5.6 million.

And I bet you’d also know that they sell phones without contracts: a visit to any outlet would usually mean fooling around with handsets that are placed near the entrance.

Now, the electronics chain is so confident about Huawei that they’re offering their own “Assurance Warranty for Huawei Devices”.

Here’s what to expect.

Buy Huawei Between 22 June to 31 August with a Peace of Mind

Between 22 June 2019 to 31 August 2019, when you buy any Huawei devices (phones or tablet), you’ll get what is known as the Assurance Warranty for Huawei Devices.


Basically, for two years, if the Huawei device you bought couldn’t run these apps, you’ll be entitled to a 100% refund: Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Gallery, Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Of course the phone should be free from defects.

But really that good meh?

Must Run on Android?

I read through the Terms & Conditions because I’m free like that, and there is one criterion that seems, erm, “impossible”:

The Huawei devices (listed in item number 5 below) shall run on Android Operating System.

Wait, if Google apps aren’t going to work, won’t Android be gone as well?

Image: PInterest

Here are the full terms and conditions on their website:

(1) This “Assurance Warranty” program will run from 22 June 2019 to 31 August 2019 (“Program Period”).

(2) The customer shall send in his Huawei device to professional Service Centers located at (i) 313 Orchard Rd, #B2-12 / 13, Singapore 238895)and (ii) 3 Gateway Dr, #03-38/39 Westgate, Singapore 608532)for diagnostics and testing, at no cost.

(3) To be eligible for this “Assurance Warranty” Program, the customer’s Huawei device shall meet the following criteria:


The Huawei device shall be in its original packaging along with all accessories (including manuals & warranty cards).

The Huawei devices (listed in item number 5 below) shall run on Android Operating System.

Issues pertaining to these applications not functioning as they should on the Huawei device, namely, Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Gallery, Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, exclude the following scenarios: App developer issues (for example, the App developer’s decision to cancel or halt the support of the application for “All common devices for all brands”); or ? Issues relating to the App itself (for example, an application bugs or virus).

The Huawei smartphone is still within two (2) years warranty period from date of purchase, and the tablet is within one (1) years warranty.

The following Huawei devices are eligible for this “Assurance Warranty” Program: P20, P20 Pro, P30, P30 lite, P30 Pro, Mate 20 Porsche Design RS, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20X, Nova 3i, Y6 Pro 2019, MediaPad M5 Lite 10, MediaPad T5 10, MediaPad T3 8. (For MediaPad tablets – 1 year warranty from date of purchase)


The Huawei device shall be in working condition and free from defect or damage resulting from: Use of the device in a manner contrary to instructions of the manual; End-user’s misuse, abuse, negligence or accident; Disassembling or repair without Huawei’s prior authorization; or Spillage of food or liquids, dropping the device, or burning of printed circuit board. .

Notwithstanding the above, Challenger Technologies Ltd reserve the right to decline service to any device that is damaged and/or is not up to par and/or does not meet the eligibility criteria set above.

(4) The customer shall send in his Huawei device to professional Service Centers, if the App is determined to “not be functioning as it should” by professional Service Centers (the two centers written in section 2), the customer is entitled to seek a full refund from Challenger Technologies Ltd within fourteen (14) days from the date of testing. In the process of seeking a refund, the customer shall provide Challenger Technologies Ltd with the said Huawei device along with the purchase receipt and other required documentation or information with reference to the date and place of purchase.

(5) Challenger Technologies Ltd shall reserve the right to shorten or extend the Program Period at its sole discretion without prior notice.

As usual, all we can say is this: ask before you buy.


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