You’ve Been Charging Your Phone The Wrong Way For Years


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 1:51 pm

Picture this—you just left your house 3 hours ago with a fully charged phone, and now, the battery’s already running low. Or do you instead recall seeing your battery jumping from 50% to 20% suddenly, for no apparent reason? Simply irritating, right?

Naturally, we’ll start to push the blame to the quality of the batteries, suspecting that it’s all a trap by manufacturers and companies to get us to change our phones.

Sometimes, that’s not wrong. Maybe your battery really spoilt—but I dare say that it may very well be our own fault in cutting short the battery’s lifespan, by simply charging it wrongly. By charging it the way we usually do, we are giving the lithium-ion battery stress. Stress can make us sick, and it’s no different for batteries, even if they’re an inanimate object.

So, here’s how we’ve been doing it wrong.

We Do Not Plug Put The Wire Even When It’s Done Charging.

This is a common scene. We leave our phones to charge somewhere while we go around doing our things. Or even more commonly, leaving it to charge overnight. When a battery is charged to 100% and it is still plugged in, it feels the need to keep up the 100%. This “stresses” the battery and in the long run, your battery just can’t keep up with the act and (quite literally) burns out.

Do Not Charge It To 100%

Following the previous point, don’t even charge it to 100%.  Phones work perfectly fine even if the battery’s at 50%, and your lithium-ion battery does not like being charged fully. Why? The high voltage makes the battery feels pressured and can drain the battery after some time.

Simply Charge Your Phone Whenever You Feel Like It

Saying this, it means that you do not need to charge your phone only when it’s running low on battery. Whenever you’re not using it, your can charge it for a little while.

Make Sure Your Battery Does Not Feel Hot

In case you didn’t know, smartphone batteries are super sensitive to heat. Some cases can trap heat so if you feel that your phone is hot even before you charge it, take out the case and cool it down before charging your phone.