10 Ways You’ve Been Charging Your Phone Wrong


Oftentimes, we find ourselves in a distinct predicament:

Stranded outside, but with just 5% of battery life to spare.

And because you have no charging plug or portable charger in hand, you can only pray that somehow, you’ll be able to survive till the end of the day.

Spoiler alert; they often don’t.

And that leaves us with the all-important question.

How exactly do you charge your phone in a proficient and effective manner, so that it will not die on you in the most defining moment?

In this article, we will explore ten different ways to do just that.

If you prefer to watch a video about this topic instead, here you go (watch till the end if you intend to use your phone for more than two years):

1. Don’t Charge To 100%

We all love seeing the “100%” icon on our phone, but do you know that you’re actually hurting the battery?

The reason behind it is very technical, but the whole idea is that if you charge it to between 30% to 80%, your battery’s lifespan can last longer.

Since we can no longer replace our smartphone batteries, this effectively means that charging your phone up to 80% instead of 100% can increase your phone’s lifespan.


And it’s not just that either. Moving on.

2. Regular Charging Is Great

Is it better to have two big meals a day, or four small meals a day?

Four small meals, right?

Well, it’s actually the same for our phones.

Instead of exhausting your phone to 1% and then charging it to 100%, it’s better to charge it when you’re at 20% and disconnect it when you’re at 80%.

The reason is similar to the previous point: charging it to 100% is never great.

Which means…

3. Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight

…don’t charge your phone overnight.

It’s not because of the myth that your phone will overcharge, or that you’ll wake up only to realise you didn’t turn on the switch.

The same reason applies: charging it at 100%, and in this case, even leaving it there, is going to cause more harm than good.


4. Don’t Watch Videos or Play Games When Charging your Phone

Here’s the bad news: if your spouse is facing you and using his phone while on the bed, it might not be because he wants to look at you.

It’s because the charging cable isn’t long enough.

But is it okay to watch a video while the phone is being charged?


When you watch a video or play a game, the phone is draining a lot more energy as it’s charged, and that distorts the charging cycle.

However, doing light tasks like going to the Goody Feed app or using your web browser are entirely fine.


5. Charge In A Cold Area

Temperature plays a key role when you charge your phone.

Needless to say; the cooler the temperature is, the better it would be when you’re charging your phone.

Singapore’s temperature is perfect when we’re indoors, but here’s the thing: if you leave your phone charging near a window, the sunlight might heat up the phone.

So make sure you leave it somewhere without sun, though I think nowadays, no one will leave their phone unattended when charging.

6. Lightning Charging Is For Fast Charging

So you’ve bought a lightning charger or a lightning cable or whatever lightning thingy that can charge your phone fast.


These can charge your phone super fast but also heat it up faster.

Since the goal is to keep your phone as cool as possible, you should always ensure that you disconnect it after a while, and not leave it charging for hours.

If not, your phone will be so hot, it’ll feel like it has been struck by lightning. #justsaying

7. Don’t Need to Overcharge New Battery

Back in the days when phones were only used for calls and SMSes, there were rumours that we have to drain new batteries to 0%, then charge them to 100% for them to work at their best.

Unfortunately, there was no Goody Feed to debunk that myth, and some people are still doing that today.

That is entirely untrue.

You see, in the past, people do that to check how long the batteries can last and how long it takes to charge from 0% to 100%.

Soon, people actually think it’s necessary to do that to new phones.


Suffice to say, it’s just a myth; tell your grandparents and parents about this!

8. Remove Casing When Charging

You don’t wear your clothes to shower, so why do you let your phone wear a casing when charging?

If you’ve a big casing, it’s better to remove it when it’s charging.

The logic is that that because charging will heat up your phone, the casing might prevent the heat from escaping.

9. Charging with a Wall Socket is Better Than a Computer

Nowadays, finding a charger is more difficult than getting Trump to admit that he’s wrong, because when you buy a phone, you’ll just get a phone and a cable.

Which is why many of us resort to charging our phones with a computer or laptop.

Now, while there won’t be any actual damage to both the phone and laptop, it will usually charge slower, so if you’re in a rush, stick to the charger instead.

If you have it, that is.

10. Best Percentage on your Phone

If you intend to use your phone for 10 years, here’s the trick: keep your phone battery between 20% and 80%.

This range is the best for your battery, though usually, the lifespan for a lithium-ion battery is usually only around 2 to 3 years.

I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence that our telco plans come in 2 years though.


Featured Image: Senodenimous / Shutterstock.com