Chatuchak Night Market Coming Back to S’pore from 7 Feb With 180 Stalls & 200 Seats


If there’s one thing that all Singaporeans love, it’s night markets.

Especially night markets that make us feel like we’re in a different country.

And for those who’re craving food from overseas but simply can’t afford to take time off to travel, Chatuchak Night Market Singapore’s got you covered.

Yup, it’s back.

From 7 February to 2 April this year, expect to sink your teeth and immerse your senses in a “mini Thailand” of sorts when you attend the night market, which will feature a whopping 180 vendors spread out across 25,000 sq ft at The Grandstand.

Out of the 180 vendors, 60 of them are from different provinces in Thailand. 30 of them will be running food stalls, which I’m sure is music to all foodies’ ears.

Other stallholders will be running stalls that sell Thai merchandise.

And if you’re worried that your legs might get sore after a night of walking around the market, don’t fret: The open-air night market will offer patrons 200 seats, so there’s no need to worry about that as you can take a break.

That said, here’s all you need to know about the newest edition of Chatuchak Night Market Singapore.

First Edition of the Market Was Closed Down Due to COVID-19

For those who remember what life was like before COVID-19 hit, you might recall that the Chatuchak Night Market was first held in early 2020.

Right before COVID-19 hit.

Back then, the night market was supposed to be held from 4 February to 3 May, and 200 stalls were set up for the event.

Just like the upcoming edition of the event, some of the stallholders in the 2020 market were Thai and were brought in for the night market.

Unfortunately, the event ended up being cut short in March when COVID-19 restrictions were implemented due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore.

After the market’s closure in 2020, the company director of Chatuchak Sg, the event’s organiser, revealed that he suffered financial losses due to the event being cut short. However, he did not share the exact amount of money lost.


However, Mr Keith Tay, the director, added that he had always been interested in holding the event again, and it was a desire that he held onto for three years.

Six months ago, he started planning for the event’s upcoming edition.

In order to plan for the event thoroughly, he even flew to Thailand four times after COVID-19 restrictions in Singapore were relaxed to acquire all the necessary logistics and search for suitable vendors.

He explained that his motivation behind holding such an event, despite the relaxed travel measures, was to bring Thai food that is not usually available in Singapore to Singaporeans, especially since Thai cuisine in Singapore is somewhat limited.

More About the Stalls and What Food to Expect

As for what foodies can expect when attending the upcoming event, I’m sure no one will be disappointed after getting to know the impressive lineup for the night market.


There will be 80 food stalls in total, with 30 run by Thai vendors and 50 run by Singapore vendors.

The Thai vendors will be selling dishes such as Thai kway chap from the Lopburi province located in central Thailand, grilled marinated chicken from Khon Khaen province, as well as cha chak (AKA Thai teh tarik), which comes from the Satun province in southern Thailand.

For cha chak, patrons can take their pick from a wide variety of “authentic Thai Drinks ranging from Thai Tea, coffee, Fresh Milk to Ovaltine”, according to the Chatuchak.SG Facebook page.

And for a dish that hits a little closer to home, Thai otah, a dish from the Phrachuap Khiri Khan town in western Thailand, will also be available. The different variations of the otah include crab, prawn, fish and squid-flavoured ones.

Apart from that, although the Chatuchak Night Market in Singapore is not related to the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Thailand, 20 of the vendors from Bangkok’s version of the market will be selling their products at the night market in Singapore.


One such vendor is King Octopus, which will be selling grilled baby octopus at the event.

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As for the local vendors, expect to see items such as moo ping (Thai grilled pork skewers), boat noodles, grilled giant river prawns and coconut shakes sold at their stalls.

Other foods sold at the market include leng saap moo (spicy pork spine ribs) and luk chup, a Thai marzipan dessert shaped like miniature fruit.

More Details Regarding the Night Market

And if you’re already getting your tummy (and wallet) ready for the market, here’s all the information you need to make a trip down to the market with your fellow foodies.

South Car Park of The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road


Opening Hours
4 pm to 10 pm on Tuesdays to Sundays, from 7 February to 2 April 2023

For more information about the market and the different foods sold, check out Chatuchak.SG’s Facebook page here.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Chatuchak.SG)