Don’t Say Bojio: Cheapest Satay In S’pore (30 Cents Each) Spotted At Geylang Bahru

On average, satays are usually sold at $0.40 – $0.56 per stick.

But what if I was to tell you that somewhere in Singapore, there’s a stall that still sells satay at 30 cents a stick?

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Nope, no lies.

And the best part? This stall that sells satay even cheaper than the 50-cent festival Chinatown used to hold before the entire Covid-19 thingy happened still exists.

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A Satay Stall In Geylang Bahru

On 27 Aug 2020, Facebook user Ben Lim took to the Facebook group 吃的平台 Eat, Wherever to share what he believes is the cheapest satay you can ever find in Singapore.

Located at Blk 57 Geylang Bahru, the satay stall, Night Hoover Satay, has been purportedly been serving customers for over a decade.

Image: Facebook (吃的平台 Eat, Wherever)

Based on the sign placed at the storefront, it seems like they carry two different satays: Chicken Satay and Pork Satay; both selling at $0.30 a stick.

Image: Facebook (吃的平台 Eat, Wherever)

The user who shared this stall to the Facebook group pointed out that in 2020, it’s “tough” to find a satay that cheap.

The store operates from 7pm to 11pm daily (at night so you don’t have to take leave to go down) and the uncle has been selling satay for over 40 years.

Before moving to Geylang, the couple used to run it outside Hoover Theatre at Balestier.

Taste Reviews

Because we’re cats and our boss refuses to let us step out of the office, we can’t exactly go down and try it for ourselves.

So we’re giving you the next best thing: food reviews (online).

According to the Facebook poster who revived this stall online, the food is “not bad”.

Image: Facebook (吃的平台 Eat, Wherever)

This satay is also apparently different from the usual sweet satays we are used to having in Singapore.

Back in 2015, popular food blogger and doctor, ieatishootipost wrote about this particular satay stall.

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He had mentioned, then, that the satay was not the usual sweet version. Instead, it’s “savoury with a nice flavour”.

The portion won’t make it to his top 10 list for satays but for the price, it’s good.

Other reviews found online were also mixed, with some finding it good and others thinking it’s average fare.

But hey, one thing we can all agree on is, at least it’s good for the price.

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It was also warned that waiting time might be a bit longer since the elderly manning the stall might need more time to get things ready.


When you’re unsure of where this stall is located at, do look for everyone’s best friend, Google. However, the address may be a little off.


You may see that it is being registered at Block 56 Geylang Bahru but it is actually located at a sleepy neighbourhood coffeeshop at Block 57 Geylang Bahru, Singapore 330057.


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