Realistic Chicken Nugget Pillow Being Sold in S’pore for $39.95 With Free Delivery


Typically, when you find Chicken McNuggets in your bed, it’s because you fell asleep eating five boxes of them at 3am in the morning.

But while some people want to put these nuggets in their mouths, others want to wrap their arms around them and never let go.

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Nuggets are too small to hug, however. It’d be like trying to shake hands with the coronavirus.

This is why people in the US celebrated when McDonald’s introduced a 3-foot-long chicken McNugget body pillow.

Image: McDonald’s

It was part of a collaboration between McDonald’s USA and 28-year-old Houston rapper Travis Scott, but sadly for Singaporeans, it sold out very quickly.

Fortunately, there’s now an alternative for nugget lovers in Singapore.

Realistic Chicken Nugget Pillow Being Sold in S’pore for $39.95 With Free Delivery

An online retailer is selling a hyperrealistic chicken nugget pillow for just S$39.95.

Clone A Pillow announced their new product in Facebook post on 30 Sep.

As you can see, the product is exactly as advertised: a chicken nugget pillow.

Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)
Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)

According to Mothershipthe delicious-looking body pillow comes in three sizes:

  • 40cm (S$39.95)
  • 50cm (S$49.95)
  • 60cm (S$59.95)

On the other hand, Travis Scott’s huge nugget pillow was around 91 cm.

If you’re interested in this incredibly strange product, you’d be happy to know that Clone A Pillow offers free delivery for all nugget pillow purchases.

There are only a specific number of nugget pillows available, however, so if you want to hug a pillow as you drift off to sleep, you should order one soon.

It looks so much like an actual McNugget that you might just bite into it while dreaming of McDonald’s in the nighttime.

Netizens Love It

For reasons that the non-nugget-loving human cannot fathom, netizens fell in love with the pillow, and wanted one badly.

Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)
Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)

Customers who received their nugget pillows were pleased with their purchase, and encouraged netizens to buy one as a gift.

So, will you be getting one?

Other Creations 

If you’re not a fan of hugging a giant nugget, which I have to say, is quite normal, Clone A Pillow has some other interesting pillow creations.


You could get your hands on an enlarged PS5 controller before all your gamer friends with this huge, squishy controller:

Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)

Or you could get your very own character from Among Us. Just remember to face it against the wall to make it look like it’s doing tasks.

Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)

As the name suggests, customers can print anything they want on a pillow, even their partner’s face.

To get your own custom pillow from Clone A Pillow, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Send them a photo
Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)

2. Clone A Pillow will then crop out the desired image.

Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)

3. Then your pillow will soon be delivered to your doorstep!

Image: Facebook (Clone A Pillow)

Reader: So what you’re saying is, I could get a McSpicy pillow if I wanted one?

Well, yes, but why would you want one?

Reader: Don’t ask questions you don’t want answered, dear writer.