Netizens Slammed Mum Who Got Her Child to Eat Fruits Instead of Cake on His Birthday


Should parents allow their children to eat birthday cakes in school?

Well, most parents do, but one particular mother disagrees with this practice and has taken to TikTok to air her views.

Here’s what she said.

Fruits in Replacement of Cake

The TikTok puts into question the number of cakes children eat at their kindergartens’ birthday celebrations, and drives the point that children should not be eating this many cakes.

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Exactly how many, the mother goes on to explain later in the clip.

While it comes from the perspective of a concerned mother worried for her child’s health, many netizens appear to disagree with her views.

In fact, the TikTok video drew an online uproar.

The mother starts off the video by explaining how she does not allow her child to have a share of the birthday cakes during his fellow cohort mates’ birthday celebrations.

What does he eat instead?


Image: TikTok (@homeschoolme)

A netizen made a quip in the comments, remarking that her child’s therapist will be hearing about this in 25 years’ time.

I mean, cake isn’t the healthiest snack, but it can’t be that bad to the extent that a child isn’t even allowed to enjoy it, right?

The mother goes on to explain that she only allowed her child to have a birthday cake in school when it came to his own birthday.

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It was during the preparation for this that she had an epiphany.

Apparently, her child’s teacher had informed her to prepare 25-30 slices of cake, presumably for 25-30 of her child’s cohort mates.


Guess what she had to say about it.

25-30 Cakes Per Year? Too Much

The mother came to the conclusion that since there were 25-30 students in each cohort, it can be logically inferred that a child would be having 25-30 slices of cake per year.

And this mother was not about to have that for her son.

Image: TikTok (@homeschoolme)

Some teachers spoke out in the comment section, noting that teachers know the portion to be given to each child, and that the slice is a small one.

Regardless, the TikToker is proud of her stance and says that she is glad her child eats fruits instead of the birthday cakes.

Image: TikTok (@homeschoolme)

Other netizens also spoke out about how they’re glad she isn’t their mother.

Imagine eating fruits while your friends celebrate with cake.

If you were a child, what would you feel?

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Featured Image: TikTok (@homeschoolme)