Child Taken To Hospital After School’s Strict Bathroom Policy Left Her Too Scared To Poop

I was a child with an overly active imagination. My parents once told me that swallowing a rabbit’s poop portion of chewing gum would cause my internal organs to stick. In other words, gum was fatal.

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During a day-trip to an amusement park, I accidentally swallowed the gum I was chewing. Flash forward to the drive home, I decided to snuggle up to my grandfather with the thought that I was dying.

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What can I say? I was raised to Meteor Garden. I lived and breathed the Taiwanese Drama series, and I just wanted to die dramatically in the arms of my favourite person.

Children are innocently naive and would believe almost anything you tell them. The entire kid population could pretty well be that friend of yours who takes jokes way too seriously.

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Just in – a 4-year-old school girl from Wales was admitted to the hospital for constipation after a traumatising experience with her school’s toilet roll policy.

No Toilet Paper in Cubicles

According to a report by Wales Online, the primary school in question, Kitchener Road Primary, does not put toilet paper in their student restroom’s cubicle.

Students who wished to relieve themselves, had to collect their needed amount of toilet paper from a tissue dispenser located outside of the toilet.

How does one expect a four-year-old to know how much toilet paper he or she might need? It’s a task that even grown-ups struggle with, let alone a child with an undeveloped sense of toilet paper to butt ratio.

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If the students needed more toilet paper, they had to take a dreaded walk of shame to the tissue dispenser.

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Imagine the anxiety of having the whole campus know that you’ve just taken a massive dump. Unsurprisingly, the whole policy has resulted in students soiling themselves while others just became too anxious to take a dump.

A Traumatic Experience 

The mother of the schoolgirl, Fahmin Khanum, said that her four-year-old daughter was sent to the hospital for excruciatingly painful stomach aches. It was discovered that she was constipated and had to be admitted for three days.

The 32-year-old human resources manager told the media that her daughter had always been independent and was potty trained at two and a half years old. The little girl had not faced such a problem before.

It was when she went into the school for parents’ evening that she became sure that the toilet policy was the culprit behind her daughter’s problem.

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“She was not clearing her bowels properly in school because of the toilet paper policy. It was a traumatic experience,” said Fahmin.

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She Counted Five Sheets and Went to the Toilet

The concerned parent spoke to the headteacher of the school. She was told that the policy was put up to prevent children from choking the toilets with too much tissue paper.

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Fahmin mentioned that her daughter has now become anxious about using the restroom even at home. The schoolgirl has even soiled herself at school after failing to take enough toilet paper with her.

The parents of the child have written a formal letter of complaint to the school. A revision of the policy took place soon after.

“It’s a health and safety issue impacting on children’s welfare and it’s awful for the children’s dignity,” said Fahmin.

In response, a spokeswoman from the primary school said: “We have reviewed our policy and will soon be installing dispensers in all our cubicles. We will be contacting parents shortly to let them know of the change.”

Talk about toilet anxiety at such a young age! This is worst than being 21 and sh** shy.

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It is a school’s responsibility to nurture their students to become respectful members of society. It is no surprise that policies as such exist to impose a disciplined system amongst students.

But then again, maybe it’s time that we tone it down a little and remember that these little buggers are… Little.

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