Chili’s Restaurant Suddenly Closes Down All Their Outlets in S’pore


America still has a big influence on Singapore from food to music to even fashion choices.

As much as I love Singapore, it was a thing to wear shirts with the American flag printed on, back when I was in primary or secondary School.

You’re lying if you haven’t seen this.

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In fact, there was a period of time where American food was considered the epitome in Singapore.

But with Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean cuisines making their way in to Singapore among many others, American food has lost some of their following here.

If you know a fan of Chili’s, please treat them with extra tender loving care as this is a sensitive period for them.

Chili’s Singapore to officially cease operations from 24 March

Chili’s Singapore took to Facebook to inform customers of their closure on 24 March 2019 as well as express their gratitude to all their diners over the past 10 years.

Prior to their exit, Chili’s Singapore had a total of 3 outlets – Tanglin Mall, Resorts World Sentosa, and Clarke Quay Central.

Chili’s is a casual dining restaurant chain perfect for big groups looking to enjoy American meals with a touch of Mexican cuisines such as steak, burgers and Fajitas.

A Sudden Exit

But what made the closure even more shocking is at how abrupt it was.


Just a week before, Chili’s Singapore was still rolling out discounts for their loyal patrons and their kids.

Fans share their most memorable experiences

In response to news of their closure, it didn’t take long for netizens to share their thoughts about it.

For most netizens, the news was devastating, especially for those who frequently visit Chili’s together as a family.

Image: Chili’s Singapore Facebook

For others, Chili’s will be remembered as a restaurant with praise-worthy employees which provide exceptional customer service.

Image: Chili’s Singapore Facebook

For those who have worked there like Het Rathod and found friends for life, it was a moment of bittersweet reunification as they recount their experience at Chili’s.

Image: Chili’s Singapore Facebook

To all Chili’s lovers: Keep the faith and don’t lose hope just yet because who knows, maybe Chili’s will take fans by surprise and return to our little red dot after 16 years like American fast-food restaurant, A&W.

Or maybe a few years is all it takes for their return, just like that remorseful ex-lover who took you for granted in the past.

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