China Reportedly Knew About Russia’s Invasion in Advance & Ask Russia to Invade After Winter Olympics

If you think that the Olympics are just about sporting events, you’re clearly wrong.

Apparently, the Olympics can also be used to delay a war.

Chinese Officials Allegedly Asked Russia to Delay the War

According to The New York Times, senior Russian officials were told by the Chinese to postpone their invasion of Ukraine until the Winter Olympics in Beijing ended.

Before you ask, “Really meh?”, this claim was put out by Biden administration officials and a European official who cited a Western intelligence report.

According to the report, senior Chinese officials apparently knew some information regarding Russia’s preparations to invade Ukraine prior to the actual invasion.

Additionally, Reuters also backed this claim, saying that an anonymous source had verified the fact that China indeed did so. However, this source did not want to be named and did not offer any other details due to the sensitive nature of this issue.

China’s Response

I mean, China can’t admit it lah, right?

So to no one’s surprise, China refuted the claims.

Mr Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, even said, “The claims mentioned in the relevant reports are speculations without any basis, and are intended to blame-shift and smear China.”


Although the Times mentioned that the intelligence report regarding the Chinese and Russian officials was “was collected by a Western intelligence service and is considered credible by officials reviewing it”, one official of the publication brought up a different view.

The official opined that the report did not explicitly state that there were such exchanges regarding China requesting Russia to delay their attack on Ukraine, at least not on a level between Chinese and Russian Presidents Xi Jinping and Valdimir Putin.

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The Times also added that the report was circulated to facilitate dialogue regarding the possible times where Putin would invade Ukraine. However, intelligence services had varying opinions regarding this matter.

It is also unclear as to how the details were leaked.

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