In China, Medical Workers Still Working Despite Being Infected With Covid-19

The spread of the COVID-19 outbreak is still rampant, especially in Hubei province, the epicentre of the virus.

Many frontline workers are risking their lives to battle against COVID-19 just so that they can treat as many patients.

With them coming into contact with so many patients each day, the risk of them getting infected by COVID-19 is naturally much higher than everyone else.

Image: Reuters

According to an official from the China National Health Commission, Liang Wannian, more than 3,000 frontline workers in China have been confirmed to be infected with the virus as of 24 February, Monday.

Lack Of Protective Gear

Despite being infected, these medical staff members, most of which are from Hubei province, are still lugging themselves to work because they know that their patients need them.

Image: Yahoo SG

It is believed that one of the reasons why they were susceptible to the virus was because of the shortage of protective gear like masks and bodysuits. Furthermore, working long hours would naturally make their immune systems slightly weaker and more prone to getting infected.

Can you imagine being this dedicated?

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Died In The Line Of Duty

While every job has its own risks, it is very admirable that these healthcare workers continue to save lives despite themselves experiencing respiratory symptoms themselves.

Unfortunately, some lives were lost in the line of duty.

One of the head doctors in an Wuhan hospital, Li Wenliang, passed away after being infected by COVID-19 on 18 February.

He was actually one of the first few to have warned officials of the severity of the virus, but was ultimately accused of rumour-mongering by authorities.

Image: Weibo

Another young 29-year-old doctor postponed his own wedding just to save more lives, but ultimately also succumbed to the disease and passed away.

Image: Facebook (People’s Daily, China)

Two other doctors, 29-year-old Xia Sisi and 42-year-old Huang Wenjun were also confirmed to have passed away from the virus on Sunday.

doctors lose lives covid19
Image: Twitter (@PDChina)

As such, President Xi Jinping has since made it mandatory to prioritise the health of all medical staff in China.

He has also made it a point to provide them with all the necessary equipment that they need, and stressed the importance of them resting before continuing with work.

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Thank You For Your Service

Many healthcare workers are doing the best that they can to contain the spread of COVID-19 as well as to treat all COVID-19 patients.

So to all healthcare workers, thank you very much for your service.

We also hope that there will be more measures implemented so that the health of these workers will be well taken care of and will not be compromised.


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