China Mum Beat Son to Death for Not Doing His Homework & Losing His Phone


Parenting is tough. I’m not speaking from experience, but that much I know.

There are different types of parents with the common ones being panda, tiger and helicopter.

Tough Love

Made famous by lawyer and writer Amy Chua in 2011, the term “Tiger Mum/ Dad” is one that she relates to strongly.

This category of parents are known to be a perfectionist; they will do anything for their kids to get the best possible results regardless if its related to academics or not. In order to achieve this, Tiger parents are strict and set rules in place which everyone will adhere to, according to Care.

The Tiger style of parenting has received a lot of attention since then which gave rise to a few television series revolving around it in Singapore and China in 2015.

Asian, or rather, Chinese parents are known to be exceptionally hard on their children. Some, however, overdo it.

Like this boy we’re going to talk about.

Son badly beaten by his mother in China

According to 8 World, a mother in China beat her 9-year-old son to death for sneaking out to play before completing his homework.

And he even lost his mobile phone in the process.

With reference to a Chinese media source, Modern Express, this incident took place in January last year.

So What Happened?

The series of unfortunate events unfolded after the boy went on a fruitless search for his missing phone with his mother. She had the impression that he was lying about his phone and slapped him. Things got uglier when she found out his homework was incomplete.

Upon learning of her son’s misbehaviour, the mother hit her child viciously with a wooden stick for five hours and jabbed his foot with a sewing needle ten times.

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On top of this, she reportedly bound his hands and legs with tape. She had allegedly given him a few sips of water throughout the few hours of beating.

I grew up with a cane, and one stroke of that is lethal. What more a needle and wooden stick? How painful it must have felt for the poor boy.

Boy declared dead

The 9-year-old was found lying on the floor at 5:00 a.m. the following day by his mum and was declared dead the same day.

When the paramedics arrived at the scene, the boy wasn’t breathing and was badly bruised from head to toe. After the doctor ran a few tests, it was discovered that he had been in a state of hemorrhagic shock coupled with pulmonary embolism.

In her statement, the mother mentioned that she carried her son to his room late at night, where her son said, “I don’t wish to see you, mum.”

As a result, she went back to her room in anger and dozed off eventually.

Mom Sentenced To Ten Years’ Imprisonment

With reference to AsiaOne, the mother was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after the court ruled that she inflicted harm on her child intentionally. In addition, her political rights were suspended for 2 years.

Regardless of which category of parent you belong to, children have feelings too. While some rather not spare the rod, going easy on physical beatings may very well save your child’s life.