Police & Ambulance Have to be Called in After Dispute Over $2 Change in Coins in Chinatown


It is common knowledge that working in food and beverage requires a god-level amount of patience, especially when encountering Karens.

But what happens when the tables are turned and customers are instead the ones who need to be patient?

Well, the end result is definitely not a pretty one.

Gave Change in Coins

On 28 May at around 1.10pm, a woman who was with her two children had bought two drinks at a stall in People’s Park Centre and paid with a $10 note.  

The female stall owner apparently returned her $2 worth of change in a bunch of 10- and 20-cent coins.

If you are a coin-hater, you’ll know this is the ultimate disaster for your wallet. Considering the amount of change, the woman would have received a hefty number of coins.

Which obviously led to her not being too happy.

Believing she saw that they had $2 notes, she started arguing with the stall owner.

Allegedly Threw Cup at Customer

A passerby, surnamed Chua, was at a nearby shop getting his watch repaired when he witnessed the incident.

Chua told Shin Min Daily News that the mother did not have a bad attitude, but the female owner instead grew increasingly loud and fierce.

“Afterwards, I saw an obvious scratch mark on the mother’s neck. There was a plastic cup on the ground, I think someone threw it at her,” said Chua.


The male stall owner standing next to the cash register was also reportedly hitting a kitchen knife on the countertop in an attempt to scare the mother.

The woman’s young daughter who was present had also started crying hysterically out of fear.

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Not the First Time

Another person who works nearby said that this is not the first time something like this has happened at the stall.

Once every few days, she would overhear the couple arguing with customers.

Apparently, both of the stall owners are known to be “hot-tempered”. And when they are unhappy, they will shout at customers. Yikes.

One would wonder how they are still in business with such customer service.

As the situation appeared to be quite intense, Chua eventually called the police as he was afraid that things would escalate further.

At least six police officers arrived at the scene.

A 37-year-old woman was conscious when conveyed to the hospital and a 23-year-old man is assisting with the ongoing investigations.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News