Chinese Company Gives Employees SGD$20 Each For Every 1 KG They Lose

Last Updated on 2022-11-11 , 11:16 am

Are you someone who has tried all ways to lose weight, but have not found the right solution to do so?

Or, have you been trying your very best, but realised that motivation and determination is what you truly lack?

Well, a company in Xi’An, China thought so too. And in a bid to ‘help’ their employees lose more weight, they have embarked on this new scheme where they will pay their employees 100RMB (S$20.40) whenever they lose 1 kg.

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, well, it is true.

The company in Xi’An, China started this new initiative to encourage its employees to get healthy. And it has been working really well – for obvious reasons. Those who participated in the programme will have to get their weights checked before work every day.

Giving money to lose weight as a form of encouragement

According to ChinaNews, the programme was started to encourage those who have always wanted to lose weight, but lacked the motivation to. However, here’s a catch. In order to join the programme, employees must first have to lose 3kgs to begin with.

But I mean, if it were me, I would gladly shed that 3kg and in return, get S$20 for every kg lost. I don’t even have to pay a hefty sum to go for a slimming programme and still get money as a reward.

Still, there are both pros and cons that come with this initiative. Granted, more people will see this as an opportunity to make some quick cash to shed the pounds. However, this might also encourage the employees to lose weight in an unhealthy and extreme manner. For instance, for an employee who used to eat meat every meal, he is now eating only mushroom and eggs for lunch.

However, 1 person has not benefited from this initiative – the boss. In fact, he doesn’t even qualify for the bonus yet.

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