Chinese Man’s Intestines Shift To His Chest After Girlfriend Lightly Slaps Him On The Stomach

Sometimes, we show love by “play-fighting” with our significant others.

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Gentle taps and hits to show that you hate them but you still love them.

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The ones where your laughter echoes through the entire room with smiles etched on your faces.

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All is fun and games till someone gets hurt.

Nope, I’m not talking about a breakup but getting hospitalised after a playful fighting session with your girlfriend- which was what happened to this guy here.

Admitted To Hospital After A Light Slap  

Mai, a 27-year-old man from Guangzhou was admitted to the hospital on 6 November after play-fighting with his girlfriend of two years.

According to Guangzhou Daily, the session left him with chest pains and breathing difficulties.

Initially, the man thought that it was “just some chest tightness” and pain that would go away.

However, Mai said that the “pain got worse” after more activity.

A Defect Present Since Birth 

At the hospital, the doctors diagnosed him with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

According to Asiaone, this is when the diaphragm, which separates the chest from the abdomen, has an opening that allows abdominal organs to move upward into the chest.

In other words, his intestines were shifted to his chest.

This was confirmed by his doctor, Feng Jinhang after he observed bowel sounds in his chest.

Aren’t bowel sounds basically farts?

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A computed tomography scan showed his hernia.

For Mai, this was a defect that was present since birth.

Underwent Surgery To Repair 

You can’t really go around living your life normally with your intestines in your chest.

In order to shift everything back to where it was, Mai underwent surgery that day to repair his diaphragm and to move his organs back in place.

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Stitches were given for his diaphragm.

Feng said that diaphragmatic hernias require urgent medical attention as they can result in gastrointestinal necrosis, perforation, and other life-threatening infections if left untreated.

Thank goodness Mai didn’t wait for the pain to pass.

Imagine how guilty his girlfriend would be if he had died after she lightly slapped his stomach.



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