Chinese Motorist Kicks Child In Stomach For Hitting Passenger With Soccer Ball

I admit, children can be irritating at times.

They may say and do things that make you want to strangle them…or yourself.

But at the end of the day, we all know that they mean no harm and that they’re just trying to have fun.

Which is why it’s a perfectly understandable and forgivable offence if a child accidentally hits you with their ball while playing. Most of us would probably just brush it off, accept their apology, and move out of their way so that they can continue doing whatever it is with the ball.

But not everyone.

Motorist Attacks Child for Hitting Passenger with Ball

A motorist from China got so angry that he kicked a young boy in the stomach, and floored him with a flying kick for accidentally hitting a passenger’s arm with his soccer ball.

It sent the poor boy flying off the camera.

Here is the video.

Image: Weibo

The boy spoke to the Jiangsu news website and told them what happened.

He was playing with friends at a housing estate in Huaian, Jiangsu province on Sunday, 1 September 2019. According to security camera footage, he kicked the ball and it ended up hitting a motorist’s passenger in the arm.

The motorist then stopped his vehicle and walked over to the boy to confront him. He hit him in the stomach and floored him with a flying kick before giving him a warning, saying, “Next time I see you, I will hit you again.”

All that just over a ball?

Jeez, people can be so unreasonable.

Image: Giphy

Police Still Looking For The Man

After attacking the boy, the couple drove away immediately. The boy went on to pick himself up and retrieve his ball.

The identities of the boy and the man were not made public, and the police said they were still in the process of looking for the suspect.

In the CCTV footage, the woman seemed to be complaining about the pain from the ball hitting her, which led to the man stopping the vehicle and getting up to kick the boy.

“The child’s condition should cause no major problems,” video news website Beijing Time quoted an officer on Monday.

However, the boy did complain about having stomach pain and Jiangsu News said that he is being monitored by doctors.

The video went viral on Chinese social media platforms on Tuesday, 1 September 2019. Unsurprisingly, some of the comments about the hot-tempered man were scathing.

“The child who kicked the ball should have had his mother supervising him, but the giant baby who kicked the child should have been under supervision even more,” said a top-rated comment on Weibo.

I guess the man giant baby could have already been in a bad mood or something, but it’s still no excuse to attack a child like that.

Your age really doesn’t define your maturity at all, I suppose.

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