Chinese Netizens Want To Boycott Hai Di Lao After Founder Becomes A S’pore Citizen

If you’re a big fan of the Sichuan hot-pot based restaurant chain, you are probably familiar with the restaurant’s over-the-top customer service and freebies that put other restaurants to shame.

Image: Haidilao Website

You might have also heard that Haidilao’s founder, Zhang Yong, was crowned with the title of the richest man in Singapore on the 2019 Forbes Singapore Rich List.

Those familiar with their incredible service that has made it grown in popularity among Singaporeans would feel that this is no surprise.

With a net worth of $19.2 billion, he was previously featured among China’s richest before becoming a naturalised Singapore citizen.

Chinese Citizens Unhappy About Zhang Yong’s Citizenship and Calls For Boycott 

After the recent discovery of Zhang’s citizenship, many were not happy.

Chinese netizens have spoken out on the issue, with some calling for a boycott to “punish” Zhang.

Running Away After Getting Rich In China 

There were many complaints from netizens about rich entrepreneurs (not just Zhang) moving overseas once they have gotten rich.

Here’s one out of the many:

Image: Weibo

“Our country’s reform is a failure. Why are all the rich entrepreneurs moving overseas? This is a problem!”

According to a Barclays Wealth report, half of China’s rich intend on moving to another country within the next five years.

Reasons to leave included educational and employment opportunities for their children, preferable economic climate and greater security, healthcare, and social services.

“Not Patriotic” 

Some were angry that Zhang had spent the money he had made in China overseas.

Image: Weibo

“Earn money in China, spent it overseas, even though he proclaims that he loves China. There are too many people like this in the highest class of society, there is nothing left for the ones at the bottom. Just saying the truth, don’t wish to be criticised for being patriotic, those who disagree need not reply.”

It’s His Business 

However, others felt that Zhang should be left alone as what he does with his money should be a private issue.

Image: Weibo

“He was able to emigrate, and so he did. What has this got to do with you. No need to do any “moral hijacking” here.”

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Personally, I agree with this netizen here. 

Let the man do what he wants. It’s his own money after all and he’s not doing anything illegal.

Image: Facebook (Haidilao)

And besides… who can resist Haidilao’s famous mala and tomato soup?

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