A Chinese Phone Company Overtook Apple in Global Sales. Here’s What You Should Know


Noooo, what’s better than Apple? Apple fanatic’s anxieties acting up.

As much as I dislike to say this…

Mark the name: Huawei.

Image: arabic.people.com.cn

Why look out for this Chinese smartphone giant?

They’ve Overtaken Apple’s Sales

Huawei is reported to be the world’s second-biggest smartphone maker by sales right now, sending my (beloved) iPhone maker into third place for the first time since Blackberry and Nokia ruled the market.

The first? Well, you need not guess. It starts with S and ends with G.

They Just Surpassed Apple’s Shares for 2 Months

Huawei’s market share surpassed Apple’s in June and July, according to figures from Counterpoint Research.

Image: telegraph.co.uk

Apple has been on the top two spots in the market since 2010, when it surpassed BlackBerry before ousting Nokia.


But if you’re extremely perturbed, don’t worry for I have faith that this dip is just for the interim.

Why? Because Apple’s releasing a new range of iPhones and this is highly likely to drive up their sales.

So breathe in, breathe out, all is good.

But to be honest, to even break the duopoly enjoyed by Apple and Samsung for five years is a turning point for Huawei and a milestone to be celebrated.

I give you credit and a pat on your back (if you have one). 🙂

Glowing Global Presence

According to Counter Point Research, They have been consistently investing in R&D and manufacturing. Coupled with their aggressive marketing, Huawei has been growing in an impressive rate.

The growth of Chinese brands is to be looked out for and no player in the mobile ecosystem should be complacent.

Furthermore, Chinese brands are getting increasingly popular not just because of their “smartphone design, manufacturing capability and rich feature sets” but also their “out-smarting and out-spending rivals in sales channels, go-to-market and marketing promotion strategies”.

Summing it up

I have never laid eyes, nor hands on a Huawei phone. Some people might hate me for my honesty, especially if you’re a Huawei fan.

But I’ll repent. Will drop by a Huawei retail store to try out their range of phones… soon.

Meanwhile, I’ll stay faithful and loyal to iPhone and await the new launch. #YesToiPhone8

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