These Chinese Tourists in Japan Became the Most Hated on The Internet Because They Wanted to Selfie


A picture speaks a thousand words, just like the selfies these Chinese tourists have taken.

Instead of portraying the beauty of nature, it just screams “destroyer” all over the place. Why so? Just take a look at these pictures below and you’ll know why they’re shamed by netizens. 

Chinese Tourists Shamed Online for Selfies

The arrival of Spring means beautiful flowers in full bloom and pretty colours splashed across trees. It also means more tourists… which isn’t exactly good news for the trees out there. 

More tourists mean there will be more pictures circulating around, amirite? That’s exactly what happened. A set of pictures of had recently hit Chinese Social Media, except that they were showcasing tourists climbing up blossoming trees. Not only that, they were even breaking off branches and just generally wreaking havoc on Mother Nature. 


Whoa, this really got on the nerves of netizens online. They were utterly shamed for their “uncivilised behaviour.” Really? Who came up with the idea to stand in a flowering tree for a selfie? How does that make a good photo anyway? 

It seems that this is a yearly tradition in China where tourists go to great lengths just to get the perfect selfie. Seriously? Yeah, no kidding! Chinese tourists were even ridiculed on Japanese news last April. They were caught on camera climbing on Japan’s iconic cherry trees and it really got Japanese media to tears. 

I’m just… speechless. 

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