Chio S’pore Lady Created Slides on FB to Find a Date & Has Her Inbox Flooded

According to local hot-blooded males, Singaporean women are too picky. Too serious. Too fussy. Too judgemental. Too… Singaporean.

Coincidentally, you’ll notice that those specific local hot-blooded males more often than not happen to be single, but that’s not the point.

See, every once in a while, a Singaporean woman who proves every single one of those points wrong comes along.

Meet Kelly Lim, the 10 we need, but most definitely do not deserve.

On 20 November, Facebook user Kelly Lim took to the social media site to look for a boyfriend. Instead of simply typing “F> Boyfie” in her caption, however, she adopted a more unconventional approach.

A Tinder profile…

Facebook style.

Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page

From the first image alone, you can tell: girl’s got humour. We’re off to a great start already, boys!

Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page

Here we observe an even more expanded usage of dark humour, as well as a pretty subtle resume that might not be that subtle after all.

No denying that the resume is plenty impressive though.

Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page

She sure is a strong, independent woman.

Even then, I can’t help but feel challenged by her last point though.

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That’s one sector I feel I’m more than qualified to overcome.

Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page

Remember what I said just now?

Disregard that.

There’s no way I’m treading on thin ice with a Brazilian jiu jitsu Gold Medallist: there’s a fine line between idiocy, and a death wish.

The second one kind of scares me though.

I honestly prefer sleeping pills, rather than a headlock to get to sleep.

Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page

Really? Is anyone seeing this?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is arguably the perfect woman.

Makes me wonder whether she came out of a cartoon.

Probably did.

Not every girl tolerates a cheater asshole of a boyfriend. Even if she’s technically unaware.

And the fact that she deadlifts 100kg doesn’t hurt either: you can finally leave your heavy stuff lying around and not be worried about someone cracking her back trying to pick them up.


All in all…

Flooded inbox

So far, she has received 236 messages on Facebook, and it’s not even in its final form yet.

Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page

The lovely gal even uploaded some of her correspondences on the net…

Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page
Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page
Image: Kelly Lim Facebook Page

In her own style, no less. But that last one though…

Some background information

While Kelly might have detailed her resume in a pretty humorous kind of way, there’s really nothing humorous about her occupation: an undertaker.

Not the WWE dude, but the real one.

As a result of her more than unexpected career path, varying media platforms have requested her for interviews, so she wasn’t lying when she said she was ‘considerably famous’.

So what are you waiting for?

Guys, seize the chance fast. She might be especially savage with her burns, but I’m pretty sure she’s got some fanciful burn heals hidden somewhere too.

It’s just up to you to achieve that.

And you never know; you might just be the one she’s looking for. 😉

Good luck, and may the best Meme – I mean, dude, win.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Kelly Lim)