Chow Yun Fat’s Reason For Taking The Train is What Many S’poreans Should Learn From


Unlike today, 90’s kids’ idols belong to either Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan.

Yup, those were the days of Hong Kong triads action movies, idol dramas and JPOP (Ayumi Hamasaki, anyone?).

One of the biggest action superstars of the 90’s is Chow Yun Fat who starred in movies like God of Gambler…


…or action movies like A Better Tomorrow I and II


But if you were to keep up with news about Chow Yun Fat today, you’ll find that his personality is the complete opposite of his titular character on screen.

In fact, you wouldn’t expect his kind of personality from one who is obviously a successful movie star.

Buying Movie Tickets To His Own Movie

You’d expect a movie star to get his manager to buy out an entire movie theatre to watch his own movie with his wife.


But not Chow Yun Fat, though.

Previously, we wrote about how Chow Yun Fat was spotted buying tickets to his own movie in public.

And enjoying the movie with the rest of us mortals (okay, us mortals might not be able to afford the popcorn but anyways).

And he was even nice and patient enough to take photos and sign autographs for his adoring fans.

He Was Also Spotted Taking Public Transport

When you think of successful people, you’d never imagine them taking the crowded train.

But he does, and what he has to say about it will make you love him even more:

“I think that some people believe that just because you are born here, that when you have money, you need to move up to the next level. And that you are supposed to own whatever material goods people of that level are supposed to have. The minute you don’t do that, you are considered strange.”

But he doesn’t believe in that.

When he takes the train from Tsim Sha Tsui station, he can reach Admiralty station in five minutes.

He added that for those who believe in status, they’ll have to be stuck in a traffic jam for two hours.

So he doesn’t care about status symbols, what he really cares about is “being practical, relaxed and comfortable”.

Plus, he’s not doing it to keep his image.

“Ninety per cent of the people on the subway would be staring down at their phones. Who would even notice me? It’s like stepping into an abandoned land!”


Sorry, Fat-Ge, people noticed. But it’s okay, you’re the God of Gambler we all love anyway.

Wait Till You Hear About Why He Is Always Willing To Take Selfies With Fans

When you reach a certain level, people are going to want to take selfies with you. Most times, you’ll say okay because you have an image to keep, or you feel good that people want to take a selfie with you.

But Chow Yun Fat has an additional reason to take selfies with people.

And it also explains why he’s always more than happy to take selfies with his fans.

“If you can make someone happy, it is considered a blessing to yourself too,” he says. “There are many unhappy things in this world and if you can make someone for just that short moment, then it’s like I’m a boy scout and I’m doing a good deed.”

Wow. Just wow. Fat-gor, you’re the hero we all need and deserve. Agree?

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