Chupa Chups Lollipops Now Come in Sparkling Drink Form. Serious.

90’s was the best time to be alive, especially when you were a kid.
No one cared about processed food or candies which would slowly destroy our bodies.

I used to load up on so many snacks such as Haw Flakes, Magic Pops, Apollo Wafer Chocolate and etc…

Now we have dubious snacks that are made from quinoa and kale—I really pity the Gen Z.

If you’re like me, savouring on anything that invokes nostalgia, you’re in for a (sugary) treat.

Spanish brand Chupa Chups (the popular lollipop brand) launched a range of sparkling sodas, a few months back, in Korea and now it is available in Singapore—thanks to Xavier Lu, a human guide for all the cool stuff in Singapore.

Last week, he tweeted his recent finding with the help of a fellow follower.

And now, every breathing twitter user in Singapore is aware of the said drink.

With his uncanny ability to make the ordinary look extraordinary, Twittersphere was buzzing with excitement to get a hold of this drink.


The drink is sold at a K-mart near Beauty World MRT Station—Koryo.

Retailing at $1.80, it comes in three flavours: Strawberry, Grape and Orange.


Overall, people were more than pleased with its flavour.


Just be warned that it might be out of stock since now everyone knows about it.


For those who are sugar-conscious, it is made from real fruit juice and it contains less sugar!

We will try to get a hold of it and do a taste test real soon!

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