Every Update (Like Refunds) from All Cinemas in S’pore After Announcement of Closure

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The Covid-19 pandemic has taken many things away from us: travel, large birthday parties, and now, movies.

You can still watch movies on Netflix, of course; the coronavirus hasn’t figured out how to spread through the internet.

Covid-19: Don’t speak too soon, son

But you won’t be able to watch movies at the cinema for over a month.

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In a statement on 24th March, the Ministry of Health announced that all entertainment venues like night clubs, discos, karaoke outlets, cinemas, and theatres will be closed till 30 April to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Reader: But I already bought tickets for next week!

Well, depending on where you bought them from, you might be able to get a refund.

Here are the updates regarding the closure from all the cinemas in the country.

Golden Village

After the announcement, Golden Village shared a post on Facebook detailing its response to the closure.

The cinema operator said their theatres will be closed from 27 March to 30 April 2020.

And fortunately for you, if you’ve purchases tickets for shows during the affected period, you will be refunded.

“Customers holding on to tickets for affected screenings will be refunded. Online purchases will be automatically refunded within 4 weeks, while ticket holders who have purchased tickets via the Box Office or Automated Ticketing Machine can hold on to them for a refund when we reopen our cinemas”, the statement said.

GV added that they will be extending the validity of their vouchers and prepaid cards so customers have sufficient time to redeem them.

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They captioned the post with “Take care and we hope to reunite with you soon”.

Why do I feel like I’m breaking up with my girlfriend?


Shaw Theatres

Shaw Theatres, the theatre where Singaporeans have been practising social distancing even before the Covid-19 pandemic, also issued a statement on Facebook in response to the closure.

The operator announced that it too will be closed from 27 March till 30 April 2020.

And, like GV, Shaw said it will be offering full refunds to customers who have purchased tickets to screenings that have been affected by the closure.

Online and credit card purchases will be refunded automatically within 4 weeks directly through your bank.

Conversely, Shaw asked customers who made cash or NETSPay purchases to hold on to the ticket stubs so they can refund you when the box office is back in operation.


“We regret any inconvenience caused by the suspending of all screenings and events at our cinemas.

“From everyone at Shaw Theatres, we thank you for your support and understanding! Stay safe and healthy!”, they wrote.

For any enquiries or clarifications, please email Shaw at [email protected]

Cathay Cineplexes

In response to the closure, Cathay Cineplexes shared a post on Facebook, apologising for the inconvenience caused.


They will be closed from midnight on 26 March “until further notice”.

Just like the first two cinema operators, Cathay will be offering refunds to customers who purchased tickets for shows during the affected period.

“Online ticket purchases will be automatically refunded within 4 weeks. Ticket holders can retain their tickets and/or receipts and request for a refund when our cinemas reopen”, they wrote.

They will also be extending the validity of your Cathay Cineplexes vouchers (Everyday Movie Vouchers, Gift Vouchers, Platinum Movie Suites Vouchers, F&B Vouchers, and Senior Vouchers) to ensure you have ample time to utilise them.

I never knew cinema operators in Singapore were so nice.


They also added, quite poetically, that this was just a “temporary curtain call” and that the “magic of the movies will never be extinguished”.

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WE Cinemas

Yes, WE cinemas, the cinema that only Clementi residents and NUS students go to, also announced a closure from 27 March to 30 April 2020.

And the good news is that they’re also offering refunds.

Those who have made online bookings can send their booking number in an email to [email protected] and they will assist you with your refund.


And if you’ve made a box office purchase, please keep your ticket stubs so they can process the refund when they reopen.

“Stay safe & healthy and WE look forward to welcoming you back soon”, they said.

In the meantime, you could follow them on Facebook or Instagram (@wecinemas) for updates.

The Projector

You may know The Projector as the cinema where hipster film buffs go to feel like Roger Ebert for a day.

They too will be closed from 27 Mar till the end of April 2020.


This sad face is an accurate representation of movie lovers all over the country at the moment. 

Image: Facebook (The Projector)

They didn’t specifically mention anything about refunds, but they did say that they are “working on rescheduling their programme and will get in touch with existing ticket-holders soon.”

“Please bear with us. We’ll be back with more updates”, they wrote.

Filmgarde Cineplexes, EagleWings Cinematics, and Carnival Cinemas, however, have yet to issue a statement in response to the nationwide cinema closures.


But it’s safe to assume that they will be closed at least until 30 April as well.

A small sacrifice

Yes, it sucks that we can’t watch the latest blockbusters in comfy cinemas with amazing sound systems, but it’s just a small sacrifice to stem the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Just think of all the businesses that have been affected and all those who have lost their lives.

Are will really willing to risk contracting and spreading the coronavirus just so we can see The Invisible Man?

Reader: I wasn’t, but then I saw the trailer


Why am I not surprised?

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