All Civil Servants in S’pore Getting 0.35-Month Mid-Year Bonus, Higher Than Last Year’s Bonus


The one thing Singaporeans love is to kaypoh about how much money other people have.

In a statement on 20 June, the Public Service Division (PSD) revealed how much civil servants are receiving for their mid-year bonus.

0.35-Month Mid-Year Bonus, With Top Ups

According to PSD, all civil servants will receive a 0.35-month mid-year bonus. Junior staff will also be getting another $200 to $400 on top of it.

This is higher than the 0.3-month bonus given last year, but lower than the $350 to $700 one-time top-up to junior staff last year.

Civil servants in grades MX13(I) and MX14 will receive a one-time top-up of $200. Grades MX15 and MX16, together with those in the Operations Support Scheme Grades III to V, will get a one-time top-up of $400.

Factors That Influenced Bonus Amount

I know we are all kaypoh, so let’s break down how much the Government decides to give away.

Saying that the amount was decided in close consultation with public sector unions, PSD noted that it also takes into consideration that Singapore’s GDP growth in 2022 is likely to hit the lower half of the forecast range, AKA 3 to 5%.


Additionally, despite the economic recovery and declining unemployment of Singapore, there are still some warning signs ahead.

This includes a deteriorating external demand outlook, which is partially due to the Russia-Ukraine war. It exacerbated global supply disruptions and negatively affected many economies’ growth, and Singapore may also be affected by it.

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“In deciding the year-end AVC (annual variable component) payments, the Government will continue to monitor the economic situation closely, and take into consideration the National Wages Council’s guidelines, which will be released later in the year.”

Rounding up the statement, PSD stated that the Government “deeply appreciates the hard work and contribution of all public officers”.

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