A Person Charged for Clarke Quay NYE Illegal Gathering Was There to Film a YouTube Video

Marvel clearly missed out on another Spiderman in the multiverse… because this one was too busy breaking the law in Singapore for a YouTube video.

Clarke Quay’s New Year’s Eve Spiderman is getting fined for breaching safe management measures. Was the ad revenue from the video worth it, Spiderman?

Actively Engaged Crowd for Video

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jeremy Bin said that around NYE last year, Kotra Venkata Sai Rohankrishna had the idea to interview drunk members of the public for a YouTube video.

Enlisting the help of friends Glaxy Low Xuan Ming, Lee Hern Sing and Mr Putchakayala Akash, the four of them met at Prinsep Street on NYE to conduct the interviews.

Lee and Mr Akash operated the lighting and camera equipment, while Low wore a wrestling mask to act in the video.

Kotra wore a Spiderman costume to attract attention, and didn’t wear a face mask under it. The group went to Clarke Quay at about 11pm, where large crowds were forming.

Kotra and Low then acted like they were wrestling while filming the video, which attracted the attention of the crowd who cheered them on.

The best part? Kotra’s final four-minute video, uploaded on 3 January, had a narration that stated, “this New Year’s celebration was a complete slap in the face to the law”.

Good to know that you knew you were breaking the law, Spiderman.

Additionally, his video showed him breaking the rules, like not keeping to a group of five or safe distancing from others.

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Highest Culpability of Those Charged in Clarke Quay NYE Case

DPP Bin had asked for a fine of $5,000, as Kotra was the mastermind behind this planned breach of the law.

He also noted that Kotra’s culpability “is the highest of any person in the Clarke Quay incident charged thus far”.

The 19-year-old Singaporean was eventually fined $4,000 on 31 May after pleading guilty to two charges under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020.

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