JB Petrol Station Cashier Went to Social Media to Look for S’pore Car That Didn’t Pay & It Worked

What do you do when a customer doesn’t pay up?

Haunt them on social media till they pay, of course.

SG Car Refuelled Petrol at JB, Left Without Paying

A Singaporean driver refuelled petrol at a petrol station in Bukit Indah, Johor. This isn’t surprising news, as the prices of petrol are nearly four times cheaper in Malaysia than in Singapore right now.

However, what was surprising was that the driver left without paying for the petrol. Was it intentional, or an honest mistake?

The cashier of the petrol station then took to Facebook to ask the car owners to come back and pay their bills, and even attached pictures of the car in the post:

It seems like the cashier even ran a check of the car’s licence plate on OneMotoring’s website to track down the vehicle.

Driver Went Back to Pay Bills

The next day on 27 May, the Facebook user posted an update announcing that the petrol station staff has since received the outstanding payment from the owner. In the pictures, it seems like the owner placed the money in a ziplock bag and stuck it to the notice.

It was revealed that they owed the station RM$70.60. Based on the diesel price of RM$2.35 per litre, it seems like they bought 30 litres of diesel.

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However, for Singapore registered vehicles, the purchase of diesel is limited to 20 litres per day at any petrol station within 25km of the Singapore-Malaysia borders.

This means that not only did the owner not pay for their fuel, they even flouted the rules.

To all drivers going to Malaysia, be sure to adhere to the rules if you don’t want pictures of your car all over social media!

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Featured Image: Facebook (SGRV ADMIN)