A Clawsome Lobsters & Crabs Affair At Ginger @ PARKROYAL On Beach Road For Just S$42++

If you’re a maniac for lobsters and crabs, we have a sweet, exclusive deal for you.

From now until the end of October, you can enjoy unlimited Lobsters and Crabs at PARKROYAL on Beach Road for just $42++ (U.P. $58++)!

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I’m dead serious.

And because we love you guys so much, only you guys will be entitled to such a killer deal!

A Clawsome Lobsters and Crabs Affair…For Cheap

Just quote “Goody Feed x Ginger” to the buffet staff, and you’re all set for a sumptuous spread, with $16 more in your wallet! (This deal is exclusive only to PARKROYAL on Beach Road. The other two outlets will not accept the offer)

Delectable selection

So what’s there to enjoy at Ginger @ PARKROYAL on Beach Road buffet spread?

Well, after conducting a little taste test, I’ve come up with a list of must-tries. (But because the spread was kind of extensive, I might have missed out on some potential gems).


Image: iwandered.net

The notion, “Hard on the outside and soft on the inside” is so true for this delicacy. The meat’s tender and springy, giving you this amazing ‘shiok’ feeling.

Chili Crabs

Image: Goody Feed

Every Singaporean relishes this National delicacy, and PARKROYAL on Beach Road does well at replicating this old-school favourite. To make it even better, they use only seasonal crabs, so there’s a fresh taste in every bite. My take? Go for it, and in dollops!

Baked salmon

I’m a huge salmon lover, so the first thing I went for (contrary to other people who went for the expensive stuff first) was the baked salmon.

And boy, did it satisfy the salmon cravings in me! It wasn’t overly-oily¬†and was cooked just enough to allow the natural salmon taste to seep through.

If you, like me, are a huge salmon fan, you will notice that the baked salmon on your plate disappears faster than planes in the Bermuda Triangle.

Fried rice

You might be thinking, “Who the hell goes for fried rice when there are lobsters and crabs?”

Well, you would be surprised. Aside from the fragrance that really comes through, the dish itself whets your appetite from the very first bite.

Chicken Satay

Yeah, we can all get these for $0.60 each at hawker centres but sometimes, it’s not just about the price.

The chicken satays here are grilled to near-perfection, with a tasty overture and even those small, ‘chao-tar’ crispy bits we’ve grown to love.


Beef Cheek Rendang

This, for me, was the star of the day. Tender and chewy, it captured my attention for the whole night.

The sauce just makes it melt in your mouth, providing you with an explosion of flavours you never thought would come from stir-fried beef.

Gula Melaka ice-cream

Image: eatdreamlove.com

This chef special ice-cream is one of their signatures, and for good reason too.

The first thought you would have when it enters your mouth is “Mmm? This tastes like vanilla.” Upon the second bite, the Gula-Melaka flavour comes creeping in, and by the third bite, it has reached a full crescendo.

Food hack: Pair it with one of their Ondeh Ondehs’. According to my colleague, it’s the¬†best thing since cai png. That’s the highest praise already.

In conclusion

What are you waiting for? Hop on the bandwagon and ask your friends and family along for the ride!

Remember, it’s only until end October so make your move fast. See you there!

Oh, one more thing. PARKROYAL on Beach Road is now giving complimentary parking to buffet goers.

Complimentary parking is limited to one per table per bill.

Not too bad, right?

Usual pricing scheme:

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Address: 7500A Beach Road, Level 1, 199591

For more information, you can either email them at¬†[email protected] or head on to their website here.

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with PARKROYAL on Beach Road.