Ultimate Guide to All The Clinics That Are Open During CNY 2024 Period


Happy New Year in advance to all those who celebrate Chinese New Year.

While we’re taking a break from work to rest and spend time with loved ones this CNY, viruses and other illnesses don’t rest.

And, since CNY is celebrated by a large number of Singaporeans, you may find that your usual clinic is closed for the weekend.

If you find yourself in need of a doctor during CNY, whether it be for a simple cold or because you have indigestion from overeating at potlucks, don’t worry because this list has your back.

967 general practitioner (GP) clinics will be open at various times during the CNY festivities from Friday (9 February) to Monday (12 February).

If you suddenly have a terrible stomachache at 2am and require an immediate visit to the doctor, head down to one of these 17 clinics that will be open (24 hours) during the CNY celebrations.

Image: Moh.gov.sg
Image: Moh.gov.sg

The last five 24-hour clinics on this list also provide ART swab services, though you probably don’t need them anymore.

Here’s a list of pdfs of clinics that will be open during the festive period (not 24 hours).







Be sure to call the clinic before you head down.

If you’re simply looking for over-the-counter medicine, check out this article on the opening hours of supermarkets during this year’s CNY season.


Have fun this CNY with your family and friends but remember to take care of your health and stay safe!