CNA Did a Video on the Amount of Sugar in Bubble Tea & Got 1.3 Million Views in 2 Days

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Here’s a true conversation we had here in Goody Feed:

Colleague Stupid: Hey, we need to do a listicle video. Should we do one about exercising?

Colleague Idiot: Good idea. That might encourage more people to exercise

Colleague Bimbo: But it might also discourage people to exercise

Colleague Stupid: Then how? Boss’s going to kill us if we don’t come out with the video soon

Colleague Bimbo: How about we do one about Bubble Tea? Everyone loves Bubble Tea

Colleague Idiot: But what should be the angle?

Colleague Stupid: How about the facts about Bubble Tea? Like…”Boba” actually means “big breasts”?


Colleague Bimbo (looking at herself): It does?

Colleague Idiot: Okay let’s do it. It’ll get millions of views for sure. You guys are genius.

So, we came out with this video…

…and it gets, combined views on both Facebook and YouTube, less than 60K views: a relatively low figure compared to our other videos. You can help us by subscribing to our YouTube channel lah, but anyways.

We cried for a few days, and then Channel NewsAsia did a video about Bubble Tea as well, and it got 1.3 million views in two days.

Well, because we missed out on one thing: the sugar level in a cup of bubble tea.

And of course, because the number is crazy. Really crazy. Read on.

Channel NewsAsia Checked Out How Much Sugar is in Each Cup of Bubble Tea

On average, we know that a cup of bubble tea with pearls contains more than 300 empty calories, and we all know how unhealthy it is.

But how much sugar is in one cup of bubble tea?

CNA went to various bubble tea stores and asked for the most popular flavours with “normal sugar” content (which usually means 100% sugar), and sent the samples to Temasek Polytechnic to test out the sugar contents.

And I can’t find a non-clickbait sentence to say this: the results are going to shock you.

Amount of Calories According to the Video

If you’re a fan of bubble tea and can’t handle the truth, then just tap away and read our other articles, like the one about those cutesy Starbucks merchandises.

If not, here are the results for a 500 ml bubble tea (just for your info, a bottle of 500ml Coke has about 47.3g of sugar):

Jasmine Green Tea with Fruits = 8.5 teaspoons of sugar (42g)


Passionfruit Green Tea (100% sugar) = 8.5 teaspoons of sugar (43g)

Winter Melon Tea = 16 teaspoons of sugar (80g)

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea = 18.5 teaspoons of sugar (92.5g)

Bubble Milk Tea (100% sugar) = 20.5 teaspoons of sugar (102.5g)

Shocked? That means if you drink a typical bubble tea, you’re downing about 2.5 bottles of Coke.

Well, it’s so shocking that it has garnered well over 1.3 million views and more than 26K Shares.

You can view the video here:


And do yourself and everyone around you a favour by sharing this video. Everyone, especially every millennial, needs to know this.

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